Monday, June 21, 2010

Only once a year...Thank God!!

Well Father's Day 2010 is over and I am kinda glad!! I did not do gifts, I cooked!! I got in the kitchen and fixed an 8 layer chocolate cake n Saturday and then yesterday after church I came home and I cooked squash, beans, creamed potatoes, mac and cheese, biscuit, corn bread and fried chicken!!! I was just down right tired!!!
My husband was the happiest with that, probably more than he would have been with a gift! We invited his dad and he came and enjoyed it too!!
Here is a picture of the twins with their Grand-daddy!!

And no matter how hard Jeff's Dad may try he could never deny Jeff! Here they are...I made Jeff get in the picture!! Jeff"s mom is in a rehab because she had a knee replacement and so she was not able to come!!

We enjoyed the day...but I was exhausted!! Well since I am out of school and I do have a trip to make to go see a certain Marine I am going back to 4 days a week at Tracys!! I gotta make some money...that Marine can eat!!! I think that the babies will be glad that I am there and I will enjoy being with them more!! I will still be off on Fridays! My kids are both working so I don't have alot going on during the week so I am gonna work and make my trip to North Carolina a little better!! Plus..Jeff is off all next week and NO pay so I NEED to work!! He is available for odd jobs if anyone needs him!! hehe!! :)

So off here and going get ready for work...You all have a great day!!

Billy Platt will be home today if all goes as planned!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Oh what a nice picture! I love Jeff's Dad and I know he appreciated that delicious meal and Jeff too:)

    Those babies will be happy to see you and I am SURE Tracy will too:)

    Love you and have a happy week!

  2. Great pictures! It looks like you were so tired you took them laying of the floor! lol! I love pictures! Have fun with the girls this week! I know you will! xoxo

  3. Cindy Lou, I get winded just reading about you and your sis. My gosh, you gals are on the go chickies.. BUT good inspiration for me. So glad you had a great day. Hope you got to put your feet up!!! Hugs across the miles. I am happy for you that Justin's time is winding down. Covering him with prayer...