Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Pop!!!!

Happy Father's Day 2010

Happy Father's Day, Pop!!!
I miss you like no-one would ever believe!!
He was my whole world and I still love him with all my heart!
I have so many times wanted to sit and chat with him and have him tell me everything was gonna be ok! I know that he is watching over us and especially got those milk jugs tied on Justin making sure nothing happens to that boy!! He was the best Daddy EVER!!! Even though he may be gone from here on this earth...I still have him so alive with me in spirit!! I went and cut the grass at the house and well my heart filled with joy, cause I know that is what he would want me to do!!

Such a special man....I miss and love you Hudie Webb Howell!!!

And also and Happy Father's Day to my Husband...the father of my 3 children! He is so good to them and loves them very much!!

Well today I will be out of here and off to church!! I will then come home and the twins are gonna take Jeff to the movies and I am gonna cook a big country meal for Jeff and maybe his dad!! So it will be a busy day!! Everyone enjoy and just make sure if you still have your Daddy with you...tell them you love them and hug them often!! They aren't always around!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. I miss him too! I know that he is watching over Justin:) Keep watching over him Pop, we've almost got that Marine home! Oh how proud he would be to stand next to Justin in that uniform and tell all his friends about his Grandson!

    Jeff is a great Dad! We whine so much about Justin being gone but I can see in his eyes at Church how his heart breaks too. When he kneels at the alter, I know he is praying for his Son's safe return! Thanks Jeff for being such a wonderful Dad to my Niece and Nephews:)

    Love you all, I got in bed at midnight and as soon as I get my eyelids open... I will decide if I will make it to the Church house or not!

    Have a safe journey and a wonderful day! LOVE YOU! SIS

  2. I miss him, too..and I miss mine, too! sniff sniff...I will be cooking belgian waffles for my honey on his new Belgian Waffle maker he wanted. Maybe we will watch an episode or two of his complete Seinfeld series he wanted. I am so excited to give him that! :) We will be at Varsity for lunch and gotta see Sweet Pa after that! Love you. Tell Jeffro "Happy Father's Day" from all of us and I HOPE he gets a phone call! Fingers crossed!