Monday, June 14, 2010

There shall be showers of blessings!

Ok...well we will start this blog out with saying...."I am glad I was able to brighten each of your day yesterday with my crazy story!! " hehe!!!

But for today....We go to a small country church, a church that I have gone to my entire life!! And the people there I have known for 40 years!! :) We had Homecoming yesterday and it was just GREAT!! But is was rather warm!! Not complaining cause where Justin is its 120 not 98!! So on with a few pictures!!
This is our pianist Joan!! She can play a piano like no one ever!

This is Ronnie who just married my dear friend Janice and one of our oldest members Ms. Leola!!

Very Dear Friends...(my other parents)
Peggy and Sonny!!

Danny and Josh(Justins BFF) playing the Guitars!!
Another Dear and long time member...Ms Francis on the organ!!

My sister Brenda!

My Baby Girl...Britani!!

This couple has been at the church forever!!

Horace and Christine!!

Carolyn (R) and Jerri (L) singing one of Justins favorite songs!!
"If it satisfies you Lord, then it satisfies me!!"

It was a wonderful day and everyone enjoyed themselves!! And oh my at the food we had!! Lord, the Baptist love to eat!!
I hope that each of you had a great day yesterday and another one today!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. It was a great day! Love all of the pictures. Enjoy your day! Love you! Sis

  2. Awesome. there is NOTHING like Church family fellowship accompanied by FOOD!
    If the world is gonna change...change has to begin right inside the church doors, and if there is anybody who is gonna keep us straight and hold us up, and watch our backs, it is these brothers and sisters. Then we can go out and be the SALT we are supposed to be, giving flavor and spice to a world that is flat without Jesus. We CAN enhance every place we go and leave it better. These people like in your blog are just the ones to cheer us on!!!
    RAH! Hugs to you Cindy Lou. So glad you have a church home that you love and are encouraged in and support you while Justin is gone.

  3. I bet the only thing missing was Justin! Sounds like some time he would have loved! Glad you had a great Sunday! xoxo

  4. Hate I missed it. Alayna's piano recital was at 2:30 yesterday, and as you know, she lives quite a drive away. My mom reminded me yesterday how MaMa Howell used to prepare for St. John's Homecoming by cooking all day the day before. Hen and dressing and fresh green beans. I bet you cooked all day Saturday, too, didn't you?

    Love ya, Cynthia!

  5. It looks like you had a great day! Thank you for sharing with the rest of us, hope the rest of your day was just a good!!! Have a great night, LYLAS!!