Sunday, June 6, 2010

Party Again?

Well we have finally finished the celebration for Bradley and Britani's 17th Birthday!!! We had a cook out last night and just had so much fun!! We had about 20 or more from our church to come and several of their friends from school!! We ha fun and really enjoyed the fellowship!

So now we move on to other summer fun now! Tonight we will celebrate my sister-in-laws birthday again and well who knows from there!! I know that at some point this Summer I will be celebrating the return of my Marine and I just get chills thinking about it!!

So, enjoy your day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Oh girl, we do celebrate birthdays over and over! Well, why not? They only come around once a year:) Pa and I were just talking about Justin coming home on our long ride to Woodstock. I also get chills thinking about it. We were talking about planning a blow-out celebration for him! Hey, can you bring his Marine book to me sometime? I have some pages to add:) Love you and see you at the Prayer House soon! SIS

  2. well, you must be partied out or plum tuckered out :D, yup I can see another big party blow-out getting ready to happen!!!!! You'l lbe pratying until the cows come home again....!!!!!!!!! Have a great day, LYLAS!!