Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Svannah/Tybee Trip

This was a short trip but it was a really good trip!! I love the beach and I am good if I only get to go for a day!! Tybee Island is not that far and I love that place!! The sky was clear and the temperature was perfect and the water felt wonderful!!The Twins in the ocean!!

Here they are they come up on the beach for the slick lizard board!! I made them stop for a picture!! hehe!! :)

Then after the day on the beach we went back to our room and got dressed for dinner! Tracy had told me about this place and well we gave it a try!! Five Guys Burgers and Fries!!! And well...It was delicious!! We also found out that they have one in Macon...And it is worth the trip to get one of these burgers!! Yummy good!!

So after dinner we went on a Carriage ride through the town of Savannah! Learned lots about the town and just really enjoyed to ride!!

These two had a wonderful weekend!! And that is what mattered to me!!

And low and behold on the way home I was laying back in my seat resting my eyes...my phone rang and it was my Marine!! I about jumped out the window trying to answer the phone!! He was good and sounded very upbeat and I just love hearing his voice and I told him that I would break any ones legs that even thought about getting to him before me on homecoming day!! He just laughed!! He told the twins happy birthday...cause he knew he wouldn't get to call back tomorrow!! He is such a sweet fella!! I am so glad that he is doing good and well he will be home before long and....I AM SO EXCITED!! Lots of work to do to get ready so I better get my tail busy!! So that was the perfect ending to our little trip!!!
You all have a great day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Love all of the pictures and yes Tybee and Savannah are so close by, makes it even better when you don't have to stay in the car so long! Britani and Bradley are beautiful and handsome! Love those smiles!

    But... the best part was you getting to hear Justin's voice:) It had been way too long and we just needed to know he was OK and well... why he hadn't called. He was full of good info:) I can't wait for him to get home and it wasn't very nice of you to threaten to break my legs, hehe! Love you and can't wait for our fun time tomorrow!

  2. I LOVED all the beach pics. They are such good kids. I just love them! Have a great day and I am looking forward to tomorrow! :)

  3. Loved all of the pictures, Britani & Bradley are just perfect!!! Loved the one of Bradley eating the burger, one of those places just opened up near us. I'll have to give it a try!!! I was so happy to hear from you yesterday, I was out for a bit of much needed retail therapy and started to cry when I read your text ~ Happy Tears :) everyone in Kohl's kept looking at me like I was NUTS!!!! HEHE!!! Glad you had a good time, happy to knwo that Justin is GOOD, I'll keep up the prayers until we get him HOME!!!! LYLAS!!