Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gonna start the planning!

ok...I have the dates of his post deployment leave and I am just beside myself!!
I would love to know when he will be back at Camp Lejuene but I don't!!
But I sure can't wait to see him!!

And it is time for me to start planning his welcome home party!!

We have a large family and lots of friends and I if they want to come I want them here!!
He has missed everyone so much!!

So a Party I am gonna start planning!!
I just can't wait!! I can not believe that this time has actually gotten here that we can even plan a party!!

So I will start planning the food and making lists and OH I AM SO EXCITED!!! I just can't help it I get to crying!!

You all have a great day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. My favorite picture of you and Justin love ya,ll

  2. Yeehaw. I am ready for a huge party too! We are almost there:). Love you. Have a great day. I love that picture too:)

  3. I hear ya MM sister! We are just an emotional mess when we think about that day. And yours is so close, I can't imagine the high you are on. Sometimes I think you must fall into bed mentally exhausted your mind must be going on tilt!!! I am praying that guy all the way through to US soil. From Marjah Afghanistan to Camp LeJeune, NC USA!!! OR BUST!
    Marjah just can NOT calm down... We will continue to pray and pray for victory and success and the spirit and morale of these honorable guys.(and gals) Hurrah...RAH...and tell your heart to Be Still for a few minutes each day so it will REST!!!! woot! LOVE OUR MARINES!!!!!! Hugs :-)

  4. Oh you had me crying at ok, LOL!!!!! I am just beside myself & I know that we are going to get to see one another over this next coming year with our guys at Camp Lejeune, we'll have to try to plan it so we can be there at the same time!! Bring the Ganksta' & Tracy, it will be a party!!!!! So happy for you, SO HAPPY!!!!! Have a great day, LYLAS!!