Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Just Never Know

We have lived in our neighborhood for 3 years and it has been pretty quite!! I have heard of a few things but really never anything to scare me! We have had revival at church this week and so last night we had went to church! On the way home a friend of mine that lives in the neighborhood call and asked what was going on down on my end of the street! We were almost here and all she knew was...they had loaded up a man and took him off in the ambulance and there were tons of cop cars!! And CRIME SCENE TAPE!!! OMG....what in the world!!

Ok, so we get home and sure enough there were probably 20 cop cars, CSI van, and then they brought out the search dogs!! Our neighbor across the street 2 doors up was shot!!! Heard something outside and went out to check it out and shots were fired!! It hit one of his main arteries in his shoulders and they were life flighting him t Atlanta Medical!! I sure hope and pray he is ok!! They still never caught the shooter but had a suspect!! So needless to say I was late getting to bed and didn't sleep good!!! Lord what a day I am gonna have...when I miss my sleep I am messed up all day!!!

My kids are going to Six Flags and gonna have a fun day!! I myself have to work and then will come home for a tiny nap!! Keeping my doors locked and not going out no matter what I hear!!

So you all have a great day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. OMG, that is awful! I don't like crime scene tape. I am surprised your CSI younguns weren't over there trying to help:)

    I pray the fella will be OK and YES by all means keep those doors locked!

    Hope the twins have fun at Six Flags! I know they will:) Have a blessed day! LOVE YOU, SIS

  2. OH NO ~ I be so scared...don't Britani & Bradley love all of that CSI stuff (I have to admit, I do too) I'd be over there lending a hand with the investiagtion...Stay inside, lock the doors & windows!!!!!!! Hope they have fun at Six Flags!! Hope you get a nap & that Ms. Alex & Ms. Avery don't wear you out ;D Have a great day, LYLAS!!!

  3. Wow! Scary stuff? Wonder why he was targeted? The shooter is probably far, far away... but I would play it safe. Call the president and tell him you need the marines (or a marine) to come home and protect his home! That should work! ;D Seriously, be safe and careful! I am praying for your safety and your neighborhood and that the man will be ok! xoxo

  4. S-C-A-R-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do Be Safe...Doggies barking in a home are GREAT deterrents. Hope the neighbor will be okay. How awful...

  5. Yeah, that does sound scary. I sure hope he's okay. And, yes, I think you should keep your doors locked and only open for familiar faces. Love ya!