Tuesday, June 22, 2010

He is like one of my own!!!

Here is a picture of a group of Marines that I have spent countless hours with!! They were all in the School of Infantry together and then some went into different Battalions. the two on the left is Nick and Justin!! They have been together since boot camp and the two on the right is Brian and Andy!! Andy is the on on the end and he and Justin went to high school together!! They have always been close...just now in different Battalions but are in Afghanistan together just in different parts!!! I got a text message yesterday that said:
"Hey guy, sadly, our Marine Andy and his unit was caught in an IED explosion today. He's now suffering from a grade 2 concussion. Please Pray for him!!"
He is like one of my own!! Thats the way us Marine Moms do...take them all in!!!
Please Pray for him and his family!!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!


  1. Cindy, you know that we will get our prayer chain going for that sweet Marine, he'll pull through & be right as rain in no time!!!!! Praying for Justin's safe return!!! Have a great day, LYLAS!!

  2. I prayed for him last night and will continue to pray! I had never seen that picture! We are one day closer to getting OUR Marine home! Can't wait! I get so excited just thinking about it and seeing Lynda get Billy home just makes it real!

    Love you bunches! Have a blessed day! SIS

  3. I sure hope he is ok! I am glad you were there for his sisters last night when they needed you. Let us know how he is doing as soon as you hear!

  4. Chin up. Thank God, Thank God! it is only a concussion!! Bad enough, but still. WE WILL pray for him. He will be okay!! God will heal him up real good!!!!!!
    Justin wrote and said an IED had gone off and three guys had taken a lot of shrapnel. He just hoped one of the guys would have his legs saved....Oh yes our hearts stop. they stop if only for a second, and we pray...we pray soooooooooooo hard. It hurts every time for every single guy...I will pray Cindy Lou...
    Thanks for sharing the prayer request and photo. They are SUCH heroes...SUCH young heroes... God speed them home....PLEASE!!
    Honorable men...Semper Fi. hugs to you.