Monday, June 7, 2010

Celebrating a Birthday...Again?

This is my sweet sister in law June!! Yes, I know we already went to lunch for her birthday, but her children cooked dinner and we all went and ate and celebrated it AGAIN!!! Oh it was wonderful!! This family gets together every Sunday evening and has dinner together! I think that is just the greatest thing EVER!! I want to do something like that when my children are all grown up!!
Sunday was just a wonderful day all the way around!!
Church was good and the fellowship with everyone was good...what more could I ask for?
Oh, I could think of at least one thing...A phone call, would have made the day just perfect!! :)
Not to much longer and he will be home so if I don't hear from him in a bit I will be just fine!!

You all have a great day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. It was so much fun last night. I live it that they get together every Sunday. They are a close family. Enjoy your day and perhaps we will know soon when we can have our marine back:). Love you. Sis

  2. Well you gals must be pooped from all the parties!!! Glad you had a good night, yes, you are right Justin will be home SOON!!!! Hang tight & stay strong!!! LYLAS!!

  3. Sounds like you did have just an awesome weekend. Your family is so much a celebrating one. It must be nice to have so many of you close together!!! smiles....:-)
    Mine kept me busy and away from the compy...
    Trying to get back and caught up! Hugs to you!