Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I love that voice

During the Deployment period I keep my phone glued to me...ALWAYS!!! I never know when it may ring and someone special will be on the other end!!!

When I go to bed, it is right beside me next to my ear so that I make sure that I hear it ring!!

When Sunday night/early Monday morning it went off...Oh the excitement!! I just straight up out of bed and answer!!!

And yes...IT WAS MY MARINE!!! Calling from thousands of miles away and it was clear as a bell and did not have that delay!!! I feel so very blessed!!!! He is so darn sweet and I love him so much but after a few days of not hearing from him I LOVE hearing that voice say "I love you Mom"!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Doing His Job!!!

Its that time again...pray pray and pray some more!!!

Justin is a Grunt/Infantryman for the USMC and well that puts him right out there on the front line!!! My nerves are shot and my heart is broke!!! I hope to hear from him soon, but I know that NO news is GOOD news!!!

He knows his mama loves him and that I am here praying every second of every day until those boots touch US soil!!!

I ask each of you to please put him on your prayer list!!

Thanks...You all are so special to me!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th 2011

Ganky had us all over for a swim and a hot dog for the 4th and well it was a wonderful time!! We each enjoyed it so much and memories were made that will never be forgotten!!!

Thanks Ganky for a wonderful time!!!

Kids all enjoyed it and were so happy to be together!!

Tracy got a picture with our Hero!!!

Alex and Avery love Justin and pray for him every night!!!

It was a wonderful day!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Welcome Home (even for just a few days)!!!


That's right...he is going back...not looking forward to it!!! :(

He got to come home for a few days and I am sure enjoying him being here!!!

The church did something special for him and gave him a sweet gift to carry with him while he is in the SAND-BOX!!! Covered him with lots of prayers and will continue to pray for him while he is gone!!!

I love this young man...my son...my Marine....my HERO!!!!!

My heart is so heavy and dreading the day he has to pull out of my driveway to head back!!! I just got him back and now he is leaving again!!!

I am soaking every moment with him in this week and doing only what he wants to do!!! I am cooking what he wants to eat and well just focusing on him!!!

Please keep my son in your prayers he will be heading back to Afghanistan VERY soon and all your prayers help bring him home safe last time and well LADY'S let do it again!!!!

Remember...Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!