Thursday, July 21, 2011

Doing His Job!!!

Its that time again...pray pray and pray some more!!!

Justin is a Grunt/Infantryman for the USMC and well that puts him right out there on the front line!!! My nerves are shot and my heart is broke!!! I hope to hear from him soon, but I know that NO news is GOOD news!!!

He knows his mama loves him and that I am here praying every second of every day until those boots touch US soil!!!

I ask each of you to please put him on your prayer list!!

Thanks...You all are so special to me!!!


  1. Oh how I love him and am praying for him!!!!! Love you and that sweet marine! He is so precious to me:).

  2. Praying for u both! Lots of love and stay strong.

  3. He is in our hearts and prayers! Our children at the center adopted him so they made pictures for him I will be mailing tomorrow! They are 4 and 5. We are putting his picture up in our classrooms! They already love him and are praying for him, too! I am praying for you too, girlfriend! xoxo