Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I love that voice

During the Deployment period I keep my phone glued to me...ALWAYS!!! I never know when it may ring and someone special will be on the other end!!!

When I go to bed, it is right beside me next to my ear so that I make sure that I hear it ring!!

When Sunday night/early Monday morning it went off...Oh the excitement!! I just straight up out of bed and answer!!!

And yes...IT WAS MY MARINE!!! Calling from thousands of miles away and it was clear as a bell and did not have that delay!!! I feel so very blessed!!!! He is so darn sweet and I love him so much but after a few days of not hearing from him I LOVE hearing that voice say "I love you Mom"!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!


  1. I know your heart beats like a drum when he calls! Isn't it wonderful that when he gets near a phone YOU are the one he wants to call? YEP, it is! I love you and hope that these months go by quickly and smoothly for him AND us! Have a blessed day, HUGS from your SISTA!

  2. RAH...Right beside you! KNOW what you are talkin' 'bout!!!...Have Phone...Will Be Waiting...24/7 every day in every moment...Marine Mamas...FASTEST women on the draw when it comes to answering the phone during deployment...lol!! but it's true!...Praying for your guy. hugs!

  3. Oh Cindy Sweetie...
    That Justin boy is right back in my heart and prayers again each evening, and throughout the day. I also informed Momma that he had been deployed again, and he is on their prayer group list as well back home.

    I remember you as well sweet friend. I know how hard this is for you. Your apron strings have stretched far and wide once again to keep him close. He is such a wonderful young man.

    I bet you are getting the twins ready for college and soon the house will be quiet. What are you going to do with yourself sweetie?

    Stop by soon and bring me up to date. I think of you often. My dashboard and google reader still remain gone, so I have to scroll back through my old posts to find my friends to stop by. Hope you are doing well. Many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

  4. My phone rings and I jump to attention!!!! I'm here for you and I am praying on that sweet Marine!!!! Love you!!