Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy Day...

My Monday started out with a phone call to quickly go check Britani out and take her to the oral surgeon...the appointment was to be at 2 and they changed it to 10:30!!! So up and at it quickly!! They have scheduled for her to get her wisdom teeth out on the 23rd of September!!! Poor baby!

After that I was running for the rest of the day!! I was here and there and everywhere! Then home to put away groceries and cook dinner!! UGH...I was exhausted!!!
But today I am working and looking forward to a wonderful day!!
I would like to wish a Very Dear Friend of mine a Happy Birthday...Peggy Millis!!
I hope she has a wonderful day!!

You all enjoy your day and keep a very sweet lady in your prayers...
mamssite.blogspot.com...Her mama is not feeling well and is in the hospital!! We may be miles away but we love her and will be keeping her in our prayers!! Not matter how far away our God can answer prayers anywhere!!
So remember:
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh, My Sweet Mama

Wow...85 years old she would have been yesterday!!! I can't believe that she has been gone for almost 22 years!! I miss her so much and I have needed her here with me for so many things! Not being selfish but I really got cheated!! :(
My Mama LOVED her birthday and always told me what to tell everyone she wanted! See I was the Baby of her 6 children and she had me when she was 44!!! I was still just a child when all the others had their very own families and she would tell me "Now if anyone ask....I want CASH!!!"
Happy Birthday Mama!!! I love you forever and always!!!
You all have a great day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Up and gone early

Yesterday we got up early and dressed and off we went!!
Brenda had a doctors appt. and He said she was doing really good!! YAYY!!
She got her stitches out and she only has to were the sling when she wants too!! Still doing therapy here at home and will begin it outside the home in a few weeks!!

After the Doctor I took some goodies over to my Aunts for the family and then home to rest for a bit and the off to visitation! So many family and friends were seen last nigh and expect to see more today!!
You all have a blessed day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Just a suggestion!

As most of you know I could stand to loose a few...well a good bit of weight! I have been reading this book!! It sometimes explains me to a T!!!

I think that whether you need to loose any weight or just maintain or just understand Women, Food and God and how they all work together....This is a wonderful book!! I am not finished with it but I am learning things from it and enjoying it!!
Had lunch with some of the family yesterday and shame on me...I never once got my camera out! I then had to go and get tomato plants! Britani is doing her project again because it is going on further in the FFA!! So that is about it for me!! Taking Brenda to the Doctor this morning and then some goodies over to my Aunts and then visitation tonight!! Please keep this family in your prayers as they say their final good byes to their daddy and husband!!
Enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I got nothing!

Yes, that is right! I got nothing really to blog about! I had no thought of anything that seemed interesting of my day!

Well I did get something!! I LOVE Vera Bradley and Tracy had gotten a new purse a while back and I LOVED IT!! The pattern is just the best I have EVER seen!!! So I was in Covington yesterday and I decided I needed a new purse!! SO I ran in this store that carries SO many Vera Bradley items and I got me one!! I love it!!! It is the same print as Tracy but just a different type of purse!!

I guess yesterday wasn't a total bust!! I did end up with something to blog about after all!! Today we are gonna be having lunch for my Sister Barbara's Birthday which is this weekend but so much going on we are celebrating today!! :)

You all enjoy your day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tell my Daddy Hello

My Dear Sweet Uncle Obie passed away yesterday!! He is the one in the blue shirt!
He could make some of the best Bar-B-Q EVER!!!!!
He was put into hospice not too long ago and he fought it as long as he could!!
85 years old!!
He was my Daddy's Baby brother and he was the last one left!! I know they are all having a great big reunion up there and I made sure that I told Uncle Obie to tell my Daddy hey and that I love him so much!! I know that they are so happy to all be together again!! I miss my daddy so much and so many time wish that I could chat with him!!!
"You are my whole world and I love you so very much!!!"


SO The family will go and plan everything out and I know that their hearts are so heavy! I ask that you all keep them in your prayers!
But I have some good news...I passed my typing test!!! Now I have to go today and register for the next business class! I can't wait to get started with all of this...it seems like it will be so interesting!!
I hope you all have a great day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not much going on!

Yesterday was a good day all the way around! Brenda seems to be doing a lot better and her exercises are coming along well and she is moving it really good! I got her out for just a bit and went to the drug store! We came home and I did laundry and cleaned up around here! Then I cooked dinner and cleaned up that mess and then well I really don't mind cooking at all so I got in there and cooked a pound cake for my hubby to take to work and share with the guys there!! I hope that they all enjoy it!!

This morning I will be going to the school for some testing to begin my new school semester! Today is my typing test!! I feel like I will be just fine and will type the amount of words that they need me to do to be a Medical assistant!

So that is about it for me!! You all enjoy your day!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Laying Around

I have staying with Brenda to make sure that she is doing ok and that she doesn't move her arm and that she does her exercises! So we have just been laying around and being really lazy and well it has made me feel like CRAP! Today, I am glad the twins are going to school, Jeff is at work and Justin is doing his normal thing...I WANT TO BE BACK TO NORMAL!!!! I want to get up and do stuff around here and get thing straightened up and laundry done!!

I do NOT want to be sleepy today!! :)
I want some energy!!
All is going good here other than everyone just been lazy all weekend! So I today will get up off my fat rear and get some stuff done today! Brenda is having a little trouble doing one of her exercises and I am gonna call the doctor today and let them tell me what to do about it! I don't wanna mess anything up! Other than that...I will be busy!!!
Have a great day!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I need to explain

There are times that I know that all of us get in a snappy/irritable (to speak sharply or irritable) way at some point or another! Well I may do it sometimes more than others...and I KNOW it and the people around me know it too!!! I get stressed out and well I sometimes may say something in a way that seems like I have being hateful! But if given a while I am fine and never realized I did it!!
I am sure that most if not ALL of us get this face at some point....GRUMPY!!

I seem to have snapped at someone and I never meant anything by it!! I NEVER knew I had done it until this person told me!! I am so sorry that I did it...I do have that HOWELL blood running through my veins!! :)
But anyways...Today my Marine is heading out!!
I am gonna miss him but, he is not far away and will be seeing him again soon!! I know that I can go there anytime I want!! And he can plan to come home when he is allowed!! This departure is way better than the one we had in December!!
Bradley returned from his cow show and well in Bradley's words "McGraw acted like he didn't have any home training!!" He came in 9th and they $10.00!! That will buy a bag of feed!! He will be working with him and training him better so that maybe next time he will do a little better!! :)
Oh, I went to visit my Uncle yesterday and he is just so frail!! He slept most of the time and then woke up for just a minute and told me to come back!! :(
Brenda will be getting up soon...doing her exercises and take medicine and see how she feels and may try to make the trip to church!! So you all have a wonderful day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Visiting!!

So...Brenda is doing well from her surgery and I am very happy that she is not in a lot of pain!! But when one of us is sick as most of you know we all pull together!! And well this is no different!! My Brother Marshall and his sweet wife came over for a visit last night!! It was WONDERFUL to have him over!! I am the baby and not as close to my brothers as the others but I do love to visit with them! I had just got back from the grocery store and had got some ice cream and I got to fix him a bowl of strawberry ice cream!! Brenda wanted butter pecan and well she only has one hand that she can use and so I taped the bowl to the table so she wouldn't have to chase the bowl all over trying to eat it!! I know I am so SMART!! hehe!!
This is my Brother Marshall...He looks my mama to me...but reminds me so much of my daddy!!!

I am today fixing my Marine a big breakfast and her will be heading back to his back tomorrow!! I am gonna miss him but....He will not be far away this time so all is GREAT!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful day and remember:
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

He is Back!!

Justin made his little trip and is now back!!! He got in late last night!
Happy to see him! But he will be heading back to CLJ this weekend! But that is just fine cause he will not be SO far away and can come home often!

Brenda had her surgery and she did really good! Last night she started feeling some of the precious, because the nerve block was wearing off! But she had medicine and I am making sure that she takes is around the clock! Before you know it she will have made a full recovery and this will be nothing but a memory!
Speaking of memories...My Dear Sweet Uncle Obie has been moved to hospice! I spoke with my cousin Debbie yesterday and she said that they just didn't want them to mess with him any more! I told her to give him a kiss for me!!! I know too well how she is feeling and it IS NOT a good one!! My heart just breaks thinking about it!! Just keep them all in your prayers!
You all have a good day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting her shoulder fixed!!

My sister Brenda is having surgery today!!
Say special prayers for her and that the pain will not be so bad!!
She is worried but I am going to nursing school and I will take good care of her!!

SO...You all enjoy your day!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things to do and I love to do it

Well, I have worked Monday, Tuesday and today for this week and then tomorrow My sister Brenda will be having Surgery on her arm, so I am off and plus Justin comes back tomorrow and I will be off Friday!! Then he will head out on Sunday to back to CLJ!!! :(
Bradley has been busy getting things ready for his cow show this weekend and then come in yesterday and said tomorrow is the ROTC teachers Birthday...Can you get him a cake? HUH? A CAKE? Well off to Bj's I went and got a cake...The things we do for our children, even at the very last minute!! :)

And then while at BJ's I got me a big ole book of these!! I love to do them and well sitting at the hospital tomorrow I will have something to do!!
So today seems to be a good day and all is well here!
I hope that you all enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How fast I got to do it?

I spent my afternoon at Dekalb Tech and got all my stuff done and just about ready for me to start! I found out my classes and I found out that I have to be able to type and I have to be able to do it fast! To start out with it is not so bad...25 words per minute! But in the end I will be typing up to 95 words per minute!!

But, I can do it...I have been practicing on a website they gave to me and I am up to 56 words per minute!! So I will make it through the first test and will go to class and learn to get better!!
School will be a challenge and I am really ready for it!! I think that I will enjoy it!! I have to schedule my typing test and will have to be ready to go when the teacher calls...So until then I will just keep on practicing!! :)
You all have a wonderful day!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

He got on an airplane!!

Jeff got up early and took Justin to get on one of these...I was gonna do it but I really just didn't want to!! :( So he got on and went on his trip!! He had a small layover in SC and it was a short delay and then off he went to his final stop to OHIO!!! I hope that he has fun and gets to see things he has never seen before!!

I got up and got dressed and went to church and Jeff met us all there!! It was a great day and I really enjoyed my weekend!! So now I am of to work and will be having a wonderful day, I can just feel it!! I have come to the conclusion we make each day what WE want it to be and I want it to be a GOOD day!! :)
I hope that you all want the same and you have a good day too!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trip and Look at Her

So, Today...My Marine is going on a little trip until Thursday!! He had met this girl and is going to visit her...Not real happy about it, but dealing with it!! So it will be about like a normal next few days...it may be nice!! NOT!! But I am trying to think positive!!

But the fun part is My sweet sister Barbara was going for her 50th class reunion last night so me and my other two sisters (Brenda and Theresa) met over and treated her like she was going to the prom....make-up, hair and pictures!! SO much fun!!
And don't they look great!!!

Look at her....Just Beautiful...She may never speak to me after posting pictures of her on here but I just wanted to show her off!!

So that is about it for me today....Jeff is taking Justin to the airport and then heading to church and I will get off here and get myself ready and go and fill my spot on the Howell pew!!

You all enjoy your day!!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Marine can even...

Another day of spending it with Justin!! He is so much fun and really does bring a smile to my face!!

I hope you enjoy and he brings a smile to your face!!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sweets for a Sweetie!!

This is one sweet little girl!! Her sisters and brother started school this week so it has been just her around the house and we have had some really good long talks about things!! haha!!
She has told me a 100 times that she really needs some chocolate...she is my niece and we both LOVE chocolate!! :)
So yesterday when I got there and she woke up I had chocolate there waiting on her!!
And she was so happy about it!!

We got finished at Tracy's and she got to come home with me for a little bit while her Tracy went to get the big kids and she had a blast!!
So today I am home to spend a little more time with Justin...He is going on a little trip this weekend until Thursday and then he will head back to base NEXT Sunday!! :( But he will not be that far away and can take little trips home when he can!!
So, you all have a GREAT day!!! I have two little guest coming to spend the night with me...Alex and Avery will be spending the night with us tonight...I can't wait!! I have not got to see Alex much at all since she is in big school!! :( So I am so excited!!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Showing some signs...

Yes, that is right and I really expected it after everything Justin has been through!
He is just having a few little problems...
1. Being in a small area and feels like he can't breathe.
2. Sudden and Loud noises or movement.
3. Flash of light.
4. Just not sure of what to do out in the real world.

He is ok and we deal with all of this but as soon as he is back on base he will have to get this all checked out! He was in a REAL war and shot at many times and well I just had expected some of these things and he tries to deal with it and was thinking that it would go away, but it hasn't and we know that it may take more time but he wants to get it checked out!! It bothers him...more than I even knew!! We had a long talk about things and he opened up to me!! I will ask each of you to pray for him, that this will go away or that the doctors will be able to help him!
Enjoy your day!!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just not much...

Well it was a BLAH kind of day for me...I went to work which was special...Avery was the only one there and we sure enjoyed each other!! I can't believe that Tracy's kids have grown up so much...MAKES ME SAD!! But I know that is the way life works and I know that all children will grow up and then one day have children of their own! I hear it all the time at church! Most of the people there were at the hospital when I was born and now I have children and they have watched my children grow up!
SO today I get to spend it with my Justin and I really enjoy that a lot!! We do not have any special plans...Just wanna be with him as much as I can!!!
I just got muffins done for the kids for breakfast...maybe that will get them up and moving!! UGH...this is driving me crazy!! Britani has got better but Bradley...I have to tell him over and over to get up!! But he will adjust! (I hope!)
You all have a great day!!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

All signed up!

My Monday was not a lot to chat about!! I was up early and trying my best to get my 17 year old Seniors up and ready for school...They did not get up so good!! I know that it is still summer and it is hard to realize that school is in but it is and they MUST get up!! They are really giving me a hard time in the mornings...gotta get in a routine!!
But After they were up, ready, and gone...I got dressed and off I went! I had to go and get myself registered for school!! I am gonna finish this and make something out of myself! I did end up changing my program from being a CNA to being a Medical Assistant! So a little more schooling but I am ready!! I want to do this and get me a job at a Doctors office and one day be able to retire!! I have to take a few more classes than I did with being a CNA but that is ok!!

After registered...I went to the grocery store and got the food my Marine wants to eat this week!! UGH...Cooking every night again!! But it is ok and worth it to see him eating! So today I will work and then tomorrow he and I will be hanging out again!! :)
Enjoy your day!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Howell Pew!!

Well, We call it that because...we are all original Howell children and I grew up in this church and now have so many of my family going!! I love it!!
Ganky, Me, Debbie(cousin)and Brenda
We have a few more that attend with us but they were not there for the picture!! You know if as a blogger you take lots of pictures!! hehe!!

Here is me and Debbie!! Her Daddy is my Daddy's Brother and he is the last one still hanging with us out of 9 children!!! She is just so special to me...I love her!
(Look at Britani in the background...she knows her mama is crazy!!)

And of course....I have to take a picture of Justin!!
He will be going on a little trip next weekend and this was his last Sunday at church during his Post-Deployment leave...But will be back often!!
He is so handsome!!

SO that was my Sunday on The Howell Pew and I can tell you it was a wonderful service!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful day...I am going to go and get registered for school for my next step of college!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Having Tons of Fun!!!

Well one week home with Justin and I have cooked at home everyday!! Last night was no different!! We had our Pastor over and some other friends and I grilled the BEST hamburgers EVER!!! Along with them we had chips and dip, baked beans, then I had made a pound cake and had strawberries and cool whip...
Oh but that is not it....I made home made chocolate ice cream!!!
It was all so YUMMY!!!

Everyone had a wonderful time and just enjoyed hanging out and being together!!
Justin is getting his belly full of all kinds of home cooked meals...I even have spaghetti sauce cooked for today!!! I made my second trip to the grocery store yesterday and spent $140.00 so we are up to $250.00 in a week...I will take any donations you have to offer!! :)
He LOVES to eat!!
You all enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ready for church...

So since Justin has been deployed he has lost weight and does not have many clothes that he can wear! He loves to always look good and so on our day together we went shopping!! We went to Kohl's and got him this out fit for church tomorrow!! He is so handsome!!!

And that was about it for me!
The twins had a really good day at school!!
Got up and cooked breakfast for the family and they are off to the Buck-o-rama!!
You all have a great day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

First Day!!

WOW!!! First day of school 2010!!!
I got up extra early this morning and cooked my babies some breakfast!!
Bacon and Eggs was their request!!
(Since I had been cooking all of Justin's favorites this week..it was the least I could do!!)

Up early and dressed and looking just as precious as they are!!
Sun still not up yet and so they were complaining...School Days!!

They are so grown up!
Bradley has for many years got what we call a school virus!! To be exact for 12 years now...and today was no different!! That's right...he was sick, for his first day of school! It will pass once he gets there. He just really HATES school and always has but he is almost finished and well I knew the school virus was gonna happen just wasn't sure when! But they have left and he seemed fine...trust me he will call me if he needs me!!

This is their last year and I am a little sad but also relieved that they are almost done!
So my dear friends...It will just be me and my Marine today!!! Oh, I have him all by myself!! What ever will we do....he wants to go shopping...So shopping we shall go!!
You all enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Twins!!

I just can't believe that my twins are gonna be Seniors this year!!
Today we go and have their Senior Pictures made...Oh I am feeling a little blue!!
They are 17, driving, working and fixing to graduate!! OMGoodness where has time gone!!

We have outfits picked out and they are sleeping in a bit and then they will be up and getting all done up for this photo shoot!!
Justin and I are up and having coffee!! He is such a joy to be around!! I have truly LOVED having my children all together and enjoyed listening to them chat and watching them wrestle around!!
So that will be my day...THE TWINS!! (I know Bradley is glad to have a post done about him!!) hehe!!
Enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday with my 3 kids!

My Monday!
Started off just being lazy and chatting with Justin and Bradley had to go to ROTC and work and then Britani had to go to work! I worked on my laundry and some of Justins laundry! But then I had to go to the grocery store!! I knew that Justin had rather eat at home and so eat at home is what we are gonna do! So, after my chat with Lynda the other day I decided to keep up with how much I spend on groceries while feeding my Marine!! I made a list for four days this week and it cost me 108.20! But hey that is cheaper than eating out!! :)

Today I go to work and Justin is sleeping in and then going to the gym to work out! I guess he has to go work off the food I am feeding him! :)

You all have a great day!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Super Special Sunday!!

I will start off by saying SORRY...no pictures!!
But I do have a few things to say!!
Yesterday was a day that we had waited on with Justin being home and getting to go to church!!
When Justin was only two weeks old I dedicated him to God and asked him to always protect and watch over him! I have always taken Justin to church and taught him right from wrong and taught him that no matter what we are going through that God will always be there with us! And when Justin was deployed I could not go with him and watch over him there, so that is when I had to put my complete trust in God and allow him to have complete control and trust that Justin would be brought back home to me safe!
Through out the 7 months of deployment...I PRAYED!!
And yesterday Justin was at church and thanked each of them for praying for him! It was a day that I had waited on for all those months...to see him up there playing his guitar and singing his songs that he loves so much!! I can honestly say that deployment may have made him grow up and to be a man that the USMC wants him to be but he is still in the will of God and serving him daily! Also, this deployment made me a stronger christian and my prayer life is stronger and so I can say that it helped me to grow too!!
Yesterday at church we had to pews filled with family to see our Marine enjoy his church! I just don't know where I would be with out family!!
And my blogger friends you all are just a special bunch too!! You have been here with me through the tears and worries and you have given me the best encouragement in words and spirit!!
I just had such a special Sunday and I know the ones that love me...and I appreciate EVERYONE of you!!!
I just had wanted to share all this!

And after such a wonderful day...
Bradley went to feed his cow and well got trampled because McGraw got spooked!! He is fine and I doctored him up really good!! So we are having a little trouble with the cow thing but he is just fine and wants to continue with this farming journey he has chosen!!
So that was our Super Special Sunday!!
Enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

We Love to PARTY!!

As you all know we LOVE to party and well that is just what we have done the past couple of days!!
I went and ordered banners for my party and well ganky had her party yesterday and just look at her banner!! She made it...UGH!! I wish I was crafty like that!
She did a wonderful job!!
Here are the 7 cousins back together again!! Tracy and I grew up close and so have our children! They all get along and they are just a great group of children!!

Britani and Avery enjoying the pool on a scorcher of a day!

And by the end this Marine was TIRED!!

Bradley sure is enjoying having his brother home!!!
It was a wonderful day and I am so very happy to have my little family all under the same roof!!
We are off to church today and Justin will get to go for the first time in over 7 months!! We have so much to be thankful for!!
You all enjoy your day and...