Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Laying Around

I have staying with Brenda to make sure that she is doing ok and that she doesn't move her arm and that she does her exercises! So we have just been laying around and being really lazy and well it has made me feel like CRAP! Today, I am glad the twins are going to school, Jeff is at work and Justin is doing his normal thing...I WANT TO BE BACK TO NORMAL!!!! I want to get up and do stuff around here and get thing straightened up and laundry done!!

I do NOT want to be sleepy today!! :)
I want some energy!!
All is going good here other than everyone just been lazy all weekend! So I today will get up off my fat rear and get some stuff done today! Brenda is having a little trouble doing one of her exercises and I am gonna call the doctor today and let them tell me what to do about it! I don't wanna mess anything up! Other than that...I will be busy!!!
Have a great day!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. I enjoy routine and sounds like you are ready to get back to the routine:) Let me know if Thursday works for Nanny's lunch! I couldn't remember when Brenda had to go to the doctor and I am leaving Friday...

    Love you bunches, SIS

  2. I hope you have a wonderful day today! You have such a servants heart and you please Him so much! xoxo

  3. How lucky is Brenda to have you! I'm glad that you're glad for normal routine to return.

  4. Routine, schedules, rules...I need them & I live by them! I've always been that way, I'm pretty sure that it has soemthign to do with having a dad that was active duty ARMY for 21 years ~ LOL!!! We loved everyday like we were in Boot Camp! No joke, so I hear you when you say you need your life to return to normal, it's what keeps us grounded & it's what gives us a little bit of control in a world that is out of control! Hope you are feeling better! Love Ya Lots!

  5. WEll...I hear ya.You stay so busy ALL the time, just sitting down for a few moments probably makes you stir crazy. But you are doing a wonderful thing... :-) Normalcy will RETURN and you will be going 60 mph once again... Hugs to you.