Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just not much...

Well it was a BLAH kind of day for me...I went to work which was special...Avery was the only one there and we sure enjoyed each other!! I can't believe that Tracy's kids have grown up so much...MAKES ME SAD!! But I know that is the way life works and I know that all children will grow up and then one day have children of their own! I hear it all the time at church! Most of the people there were at the hospital when I was born and now I have children and they have watched my children grow up!
SO today I get to spend it with my Justin and I really enjoy that a lot!! We do not have any special plans...Just wanna be with him as much as I can!!!
I just got muffins done for the kids for breakfast...maybe that will get them up and moving!! UGH...this is driving me crazy!! Britani has got better but Bradley...I have to tell him over and over to get up!! But he will adjust! (I hope!)
You all have a great day!!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Yes, I was there when you were born and a waiting room full of folks! You were so cute and still are:)

    Hope the twins start getting up better, I know that is frustrating. Enjoy your day with Justin. I have to deal with this invisible car that I bought and now they can't find:( May be getting my Pathfinder back!

    Love you, SIS!

  2. sniff snuff.....Your blah blah post makes me want to BWAHHHHH...It's so true...
    It all happens too fast...and you wonder where those sweet preschool/kindergarten days went. IN retrospect, they are just a glimpse in time...passing in the blink of an eye...
    Of course, this is the mom's viewpoint. They can't WAIT to grow up. Hurry hurry hurry..
    We are praying for it to slow down, slow down slow down.... LOL!!! Ah the kaleidoscope of prayers God must hear from just ONE house...
    Course there is ONE thing I am praying for to HURRY UP... :-) Return of the 1/2 with my guy!!
    Hugs to you and best wishes with your classes. Hope Jeff is enjoying his new job...

  3. Will pray about what you shared. Kurt and I know it cannot help but occur in EVERY single one of them to some degree or another. His old college roommate is with Army and actually evaluates guys who come back with that branch. The ones who have had the most stable and supportive and loving family and background at home, and have an established faith in God are the ones who deal with it the most effectively.
    It is good for them to be able to talk as much as they want to when they feel like it. and yes..they will get continued assistance and support back at base. They have experienced and faced things in a short time that we will never have to in a lifetime. Once they get out of the "on high alert - 24/7" environment of deployment and combat, coming back to regular fleet life also is ANOTHER hurdle they have to adjust to... (as in boredom) after experiencing deployment... but Marines are there for each other and their motto is to adapt and overcome, and your guy has a huge support system and safety net with family and God. Hugs to you!!!

  4. Those darn TWINS! I can't blame them :( it will get better, they will adjust & if they don't turn the hose on them HEHEHEHE!!

    Enjoy your day with Justin! Love Ya