Sunday, August 22, 2010

I need to explain

There are times that I know that all of us get in a snappy/irritable (to speak sharply or irritable) way at some point or another! Well I may do it sometimes more than others...and I KNOW it and the people around me know it too!!! I get stressed out and well I sometimes may say something in a way that seems like I have being hateful! But if given a while I am fine and never realized I did it!!
I am sure that most if not ALL of us get this face at some point....GRUMPY!!

I seem to have snapped at someone and I never meant anything by it!! I NEVER knew I had done it until this person told me!! I am so sorry that I did it...I do have that HOWELL blood running through my veins!! :)
But anyways...Today my Marine is heading out!!
I am gonna miss him but, he is not far away and will be seeing him again soon!! I know that I can go there anytime I want!! And he can plan to come home when he is allowed!! This departure is way better than the one we had in December!!
Bradley returned from his cow show and well in Bradley's words "McGraw acted like he didn't have any home training!!" He came in 9th and they $10.00!! That will buy a bag of feed!! He will be working with him and training him better so that maybe next time he will do a little better!! :)
Oh, I went to visit my Uncle yesterday and he is just so frail!! He slept most of the time and then woke up for just a minute and told me to come back!! :(
Brenda will be getting up soon...doing her exercises and take medicine and see how she feels and may try to make the trip to church!! So you all have a wonderful day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. We all have those snappy days, perhaps some more than others:) But we all love each other in the end!

    I am praying that Justin drives slow on that LONG drive back to base and doesn't take a detour on his route back:) He will be back before we know it and he will be planning what you will be cooking!

    I am glad that you went to see our precious Uncle and he is frail! I am praying for all of them!

    Love you bunches and hope your patient is healing quickly!

  2. I have a family member that gets worse than that... more often than not. We never know who made her mad because she took it out on everyone and it usually affected everyones time. We are learning to ignore it... don't excuse it but ignore it. I can't imagine you snapping. You are always smiling!!! xoxo <3

  3. NO ONE is perfect! We all snap sometimes. Hope Granny is feeling well today. Love you all!

  4. Oh well, we all snap every now and then...that's just life! Those that love us can forgive us :) It was goo to talk to you this afternoon, everytime we talk I feel more & more that we are "tinws" that were separated @ birth LOL!!!! Hope you have a good night, I'll say a prayer for your sweet uncle & for that handsome Marine! Love Ya lots!