Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things to do and I love to do it

Well, I have worked Monday, Tuesday and today for this week and then tomorrow My sister Brenda will be having Surgery on her arm, so I am off and plus Justin comes back tomorrow and I will be off Friday!! Then he will head out on Sunday to back to CLJ!!! :(
Bradley has been busy getting things ready for his cow show this weekend and then come in yesterday and said tomorrow is the ROTC teachers Birthday...Can you get him a cake? HUH? A CAKE? Well off to Bj's I went and got a cake...The things we do for our children, even at the very last minute!! :)

And then while at BJ's I got me a big ole book of these!! I love to do them and well sitting at the hospital tomorrow I will have something to do!!
So today seems to be a good day and all is well here!
I hope that you all enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Birthday cakes, cow shows, packing your Marine up to head out again, sitting waiting on your sister (good luck to her!!!) & Word Search...GIRL I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE LEFT ON THE PLANET WHO LOVED WORD SEARCH!!!! Once I start doing them I can't STOP!!!! Hope you have a great day! Love Ya!

  2. You are the best Mama:). Love you bunches. Can't wait to hear all about Justin's trip! Have a great day!

  3. Your title says it all ! :-) Things to Do....(LOTS) and I LOVE TO DO IT! (Every day in every way for your family) That's a wife and mama far above rubies!! You love what you are, and what you you do makes you ...YOU!!! I know they all love and treasure the role you play in their lives. They depend on you more than they know. You Go MMS!!! And I like to do Word Searches too!!! I just don't like those math puzzles...(don't like math, never did)
    Hugs to you. Hope your sis has a successful surgery!!!

  4. Found "spotlight" right away. lol! I love word searches too. My mama does them every night to go to sleep. Enjoy the rest of your week. ;D

  5. You guys are busy with all that like we are with all this!! I love those word search puzzles, too. Love you and have a great evening!!!