Monday, August 9, 2010

The Howell Pew!!

Well, We call it that because...we are all original Howell children and I grew up in this church and now have so many of my family going!! I love it!!
Ganky, Me, Debbie(cousin)and Brenda
We have a few more that attend with us but they were not there for the picture!! You know if as a blogger you take lots of pictures!! hehe!!

Here is me and Debbie!! Her Daddy is my Daddy's Brother and he is the last one still hanging with us out of 9 children!!! She is just so special to me...I love her!
(Look at Britani in the background...she knows her mama is crazy!!)

And of course....I have to take a picture of Justin!!
He will be going on a little trip next weekend and this was his last Sunday at church during his Post-Deployment leave...But will be back often!!
He is so handsome!!

SO that was my Sunday on The Howell Pew and I can tell you it was a wonderful service!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful day...I am going to go and get registered for school for my next step of college!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Great picture of the Howell Girls:) and Britani peeking in! I love spending time with all of you in that sweet little country Church! Great picture of Justin, he is so darned handsome and sweet and just PRECIOUS:)

    Love you bunches, enjoy your day!


  2. Love those "named pews"...People have earned them...attended a church for a long long time!!! :-) People there always will know where to find you.
    Keep on enjoying that hero!!!!
    Rah for continuing your classes ..(hear me cheering?) Inspiration to others!!!!!
    Hugs to you.

  3. Well, I wish mom and I could've been there. We had lunch at my house yesterday, so I was kinda busy. Love ya!

  4. Wonderful pictures! Wonderful family! Would love to be there sharing a pew with you one day! xoxo

  5. Great pics, you all are so pretty! Beautiful smiles on a beautiful Sunday :D ~ so glad that Justin has been able to get back to church with all of you. I hope he enjoys his trip, I know you'll be missing him :/ Time goes by too quick & I haven't figured out how to stop or at least slow it down ~ GRRRRR! Hope you had a great Monday! Good luck with your classes, keep us posted! Love Ya