Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Twins!!

I just can't believe that my twins are gonna be Seniors this year!!
Today we go and have their Senior Pictures made...Oh I am feeling a little blue!!
They are 17, driving, working and fixing to graduate!! OMGoodness where has time gone!!

We have outfits picked out and they are sleeping in a bit and then they will be up and getting all done up for this photo shoot!!
Justin and I are up and having coffee!! He is such a joy to be around!! I have truly LOVED having my children all together and enjoyed listening to them chat and watching them wrestle around!!
So that will be my day...THE TWINS!! (I know Bradley is glad to have a post done about him!!) hehe!!
Enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Oh I got chills just thinking about those twins being seniors! Time has flown by WAY too fast! I love it that you are sitting having coffee with Justin, what a blessing! WE got prayers answered all over the place and I am trying really hard to say "Thank you" as much as I prayed for his safe return:)

    Love you bunches and we gotta plan some more stuff while he is home! Trying not to just wear him out:) I know he enjoying just hanging out with the family!

    Enjoy your children! Love you SIS!

  2. Oh's so hard isn't it!??
    Kameron is 16, and got two years left...His voice is deeper than his dad's and brothers now. Can't ever tell who is answering the phone...It's a good thing...and it's a hard thing. Being a mom is the best job in the whole wide universe...but at a point we have to let go of the full-time 24-7 part of it and let them after at least 18 years that is a hard thing to do. Sometimes fingers have to be pried loose...LOL!!! I know. You take care and have a fun day. Tell them..."Don't Blink!". :-)

  3. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! why do they just keep gettingolder & older & growing & growing!!! I'm still waiting on that magic wand so I can wave it over mine and shirnk them down :) Cindy they have changed so much since that chilly October morning back in 2008 when two Marine moms met & started a friendship :)
    So glad Justin is enjoying his time home & I am SOOOO HAPPY That Bradley got into the post ;D...we should all do a Bradley Day Post one of these days LOL!!

    Love ya!!

  4. Can not wait to see the Senior Pictures! I am sure they are so good! I am so glad you are enjoying Justin. I can't remember when he leaves on his "short trip". See you soon! Love you!