Friday, August 20, 2010

He is Back!!

Justin made his little trip and is now back!!! He got in late last night!
Happy to see him! But he will be heading back to CLJ this weekend! But that is just fine cause he will not be SO far away and can come home often!

Brenda had her surgery and she did really good! Last night she started feeling some of the precious, because the nerve block was wearing off! But she had medicine and I am making sure that she takes is around the clock! Before you know it she will have made a full recovery and this will be nothing but a memory!
Speaking of memories...My Dear Sweet Uncle Obie has been moved to hospice! I spoke with my cousin Debbie yesterday and she said that they just didn't want them to mess with him any more! I told her to give him a kiss for me!!! I know too well how she is feeling and it IS NOT a good one!! My heart just breaks thinking about it!! Just keep them all in your prayers!
You all have a good day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. I am so happy he is back with you for a few more days! I know he had a good time but was probably really ready to see his Mama!

    I know you will be the best Nurse Cindy to our Sister! Love you bunches and let me know if you hear from Debbie! Sis

  2. Praying for your uncle and family!
    Praying for Brenda!
    Praying for your time left with Justin!
    And thankful he is remaining close to you and not abroad somewhere!
    And praying for you, too, dear friend!

  3. Oh Cindy, I am sorry about your uncle! Iknow a few weeks ago Theresa talked about him & I just felt so bad for all of you! I will say a prayer for him...I'll say a prayer for Brenda too, poor sweetie! I hope that she recovers quickly. I know you are taking such good care of her!
    Thinking about you as Justin prepares to head back to the Fleet, be strong! I love ya!