Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not much going on!

Yesterday was a good day all the way around! Brenda seems to be doing a lot better and her exercises are coming along well and she is moving it really good! I got her out for just a bit and went to the drug store! We came home and I did laundry and cleaned up around here! Then I cooked dinner and cleaned up that mess and then well I really don't mind cooking at all so I got in there and cooked a pound cake for my hubby to take to work and share with the guys there!! I hope that they all enjoy it!!

This morning I will be going to the school for some testing to begin my new school semester! Today is my typing test!! I feel like I will be just fine and will type the amount of words that they need me to do to be a Medical assistant!

So that is about it for me!! You all enjoy your day!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Enjoy your day! Hope you type fast and perfect! Happy to hear that Brenda is doing really good! She is a tough cookie:)

    Love you and have a blessed day! SIS

  2. LOVE pound cake...Remember those pound cakes on Disney's Pollyanna movie. My great aunt used to make them THAT big. She made cherry pound cake, Lemon pound cake, Butter pound cake...man oh man! and they really weighed a pound (MORE!) and sigh, I guess a slice actually put a pound on me, too!! LOL I know those men at Jeff's work will love you as much as the Marines did in Afghan...
    YOU GO! on that typing test...I believe you will do outstanding on that keyboard... :-)
    Hugs to you and KUDOS!