Friday, August 6, 2010

First Day!!

WOW!!! First day of school 2010!!!
I got up extra early this morning and cooked my babies some breakfast!!
Bacon and Eggs was their request!!
(Since I had been cooking all of Justin's favorites this was the least I could do!!)

Up early and dressed and looking just as precious as they are!!
Sun still not up yet and so they were complaining...School Days!!

They are so grown up!
Bradley has for many years got what we call a school virus!! To be exact for 12 years now...and today was no different!! That's right...he was sick, for his first day of school! It will pass once he gets there. He just really HATES school and always has but he is almost finished and well I knew the school virus was gonna happen just wasn't sure when! But they have left and he seemed me he will call me if he needs me!!

This is their last year and I am a little sad but also relieved that they are almost done!
So my dear friends...It will just be me and my Marine today!!! Oh, I have him all by myself!! What ever will we do....he wants to go shopping...So shopping we shall go!!
You all enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Precious twins! They look gorgeous, even early and with a virus:) Hope all goes well on their LAST FIRST DAY of school! Love you bunches, enjoy your shopping trip with our Marine... wish I could have gone with you guys but off to see where our Alex will be going to school! Hey, that breakfast looked DELISH! Lucky kids to have you as their Mama!

    Love you all!

  2. Hot breakfast in the morning instead of cold cereal????!!!!!! YOU ROCK Mama! woot. what a wonderful mom you are...
    I can NOOOOOOTTTT believe they are starting school...grief it's August 6th!!!! Still summertime...What's up with Georgia????
    Do you get more snow than we do, and have to start that much earlier???? oh my goodness. Whatever happened to the school summer vacations we had, from Memorial Day to Labor Day???!!! Bless their hearts...ENJOY your day with that Marine.... We are stormy stormy over here....Hugs

  3. The schools around here are starting up as well. I can't believe how early some states have school starting. We didn't head back until after Labor Day. Oh well...

    Enjoy having your Marine all to yourself. :)

  4. Nice big breakfast, looked yummy! Sorry they had to go back to school already, that's a long school year :( glad you got that sweet Marine all to yourself, hope you are enjoying every minute! Have a good gay, love ya xoxo!!

  5. Oh, I cracked up over the school virus! He reminds me a lot of my dad... he always tells us he hated EVERY day of the 12 years of school he went. I bet he had many "school viruses" that your mama had to deal with.
    Love you and hope you enjoy your time alone with your handsome guy :0)