Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tell my Daddy Hello

My Dear Sweet Uncle Obie passed away yesterday!! He is the one in the blue shirt!
He could make some of the best Bar-B-Q EVER!!!!!
He was put into hospice not too long ago and he fought it as long as he could!!
85 years old!!
He was my Daddy's Baby brother and he was the last one left!! I know they are all having a great big reunion up there and I made sure that I told Uncle Obie to tell my Daddy hey and that I love him so much!! I know that they are so happy to all be together again!! I miss my daddy so much and so many time wish that I could chat with him!!!
"You are my whole world and I love you so very much!!!"


SO The family will go and plan everything out and I know that their hearts are so heavy! I ask that you all keep them in your prayers!
But I have some good news...I passed my typing test!!! Now I have to go today and register for the next business class! I can't wait to get started with all of seems like it will be so interesting!!
I hope you all have a great day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!!


  1. I am sad, but know that he is having a fine day in Heaven! His memory is restored and he stands tall beside our Pop:)

    Love you bunches and have a blessed day!

  2. Cindy Lou,
    Thinking of you all today. You are such a tight-knit family. Saying a little prayer for you all that as you remember things about your Uncle and perhaps your Daddy that you will have smiles and even laughter in the moment.
    Remembering your sweet little aunt. I feel for her. Hugs to you.

  3. So sorry for you loss. Praying for Aunt Dot and all of you! I know how it feels to lose a daddy. Life is never the same.
    I knew you would pass the typing test. Blogging keeps you in good practice, too, doesn't it? I'm proud of you for taking these steps to form a new chapter in your life! xoxo

  4. Thinking of all of you today...please find comfort in knowing that your sweet uncle has finally gone home & he will be with those that went on before him....your Daddy & your Uncle are up there smiling down on all of you! Love Ya lots & praying for all of you!