Thursday, August 12, 2010

Showing some signs...

Yes, that is right and I really expected it after everything Justin has been through!
He is just having a few little problems...
1. Being in a small area and feels like he can't breathe.
2. Sudden and Loud noises or movement.
3. Flash of light.
4. Just not sure of what to do out in the real world.

He is ok and we deal with all of this but as soon as he is back on base he will have to get this all checked out! He was in a REAL war and shot at many times and well I just had expected some of these things and he tries to deal with it and was thinking that it would go away, but it hasn't and we know that it may take more time but he wants to get it checked out!! It bothers him...more than I even knew!! We had a long talk about things and he opened up to me!! I will ask each of you to pray for him, that this will go away or that the doctors will be able to help him!
Enjoy your day!!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!


  1. You KNOW I am praying.. girl. We know that a measure of this is "normal" behavior. Aftereffects from any kind of incident that was either short-term (wreck) or long-term (6 month deployment) come out of our reacting psychological side. After the wreck that totalled our van, because a little old lady pulled out across 5 lanes of traffic (said she didn't see us) RIGHT in front of us and we hit her and rolled her car!!! I hit the brakes every time a car even started to pull out in front of me no matter how far away it was in front of me or on the other side of a highway!!!! REACTION! And I couldn't help it. No way. It was my brain sending up flares to stop another traumatic wreck. I bet Ganky's Mark knows exactly what I am talking about. BUT! I am much better now. I now know people pulling out do see me coming in my BIG white van. I think it is the same type of brain reaction with military after combat. Just was way more stressful - life or death thinking...always always defensive 24/7!!!
    I am praying. Because of his family and faith, I know he will do well...he will heal. I pray the same for my Justin!!!!
    Hugs to you Cindy Lou. Give Justin an extra hug and just tell him I am honored to thank him for his service, his sacrifices, and all that he continues to endure!!!!! Semper Fi and Stay Strong Marine!

  2. I am and will be praying. I know he went thru a lot and we can only imagine all that he saw and heard. I am happy that he opened up to you and will be asking for guidance. Love you bunches. Gank

  3. Praying, he is strong & his faith is solid, but he has been thhrough a lot. For him to notice that things aren't quite right & to want to seek help & work through them is a huge step! He is on the right path, you know that we will be praying. I think of him often & what he went through over there. Praying for Justin and all of our sons and daughters, Caity graduates from PI soon, Glenn is just about ready to bust :)
    Have a great day, Love Ya lots!!

  4. Definitely will pray for him, and hope he gets all the help he needs. I can only imagine what goes on in his mind... the things he witnessed and how he must feel. But he's so lucky to have you and a loving family.
    Love ya!

  5. You know I am praying! Such a sweet young man to have gone through so much anger and hatred war stirs up! I just read an article that the bomb sniffing dogs are coming back traumatized... flashes of light, loud noises, very skittish. It would be worse for a young man. Praying my heart out he will get help. Praying for you too, Cindy! I know as a mom it must be hard. xoxo

  6. You know I will be praying.

    Just keep in mind that he hasn't been home very long, and what he's experiencing is very normal. They all experience it to some degree. The Lord can help him get through this as can the love of his family.

    If he feels the need to seek help, I'll be praying that the Lord brings the right person into his life for that purpose. The right person can make all the difference.

  7. Just playing a little blog catchup. I'm praying for Justin, too. That's an awful lot to go through for a man of any age, but especially hard for such a young one. I think we oftentimes forget just how hard it probably is. Hopefully, he'll get what he needs and be just fine.