Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trip and Look at Her

So, Today...My Marine is going on a little trip until Thursday!! He had met this girl and is going to visit her...Not real happy about it, but dealing with it!! So it will be about like a normal next few may be nice!! NOT!! But I am trying to think positive!!

But the fun part is My sweet sister Barbara was going for her 50th class reunion last night so me and my other two sisters (Brenda and Theresa) met over and treated her like she was going to the prom....make-up, hair and pictures!! SO much fun!!
And don't they look great!!!

Look at her....Just Beautiful...She may never speak to me after posting pictures of her on here but I just wanted to show her off!!

So that is about it for me today....Jeff is taking Justin to the airport and then heading to church and I will get off here and get myself ready and go and fill my spot on the Howell pew!!

You all enjoy your day!!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Dear Nanny looked so pretty! I hope she had fun! I also hope Justin and Derek have a great time while they are away! Love you and hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Justin will have so much fun! I thought you were taking him. Perhaps you might not let him out of the car;). Nanny looks beautiful and it was fun helping her. I know she had a great time. Love you bunches, sis

  3. Well, I hope Justin has a great time. He deserves it. I know it was hard for you to let go of him, but he'll be fine!
    And Barbo looks just lovely... don't know anyone who deserved it more than her. And y'all are the bestest sisters ever for helping her get all dolled up.
    Love you!

  4. I saw the pictures of you gals fixing up your sister on Ganky's post! She looked so pretty & you all looked like you had a great time! I hope Justin enjoys his trip. I know it isn't easy to let him go evern for just a few days:/
    Have a great Sunday night! Love Ya lots!!

  5. I hope this is a fast week for you!!!! Before you know it Justin will be back. I hope the trip is everything God would want it to be. You are wonderful to help out your sis like that! I want your family! xoxo