Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy Day...

My Monday started out with a phone call to quickly go check Britani out and take her to the oral surgeon...the appointment was to be at 2 and they changed it to 10:30!!! So up and at it quickly!! They have scheduled for her to get her wisdom teeth out on the 23rd of September!!! Poor baby!

After that I was running for the rest of the day!! I was here and there and everywhere! Then home to put away groceries and cook dinner!! UGH...I was exhausted!!!
But today I am working and looking forward to a wonderful day!!
I would like to wish a Very Dear Friend of mine a Happy Birthday...Peggy Millis!!
I hope she has a wonderful day!!

You all enjoy your day and keep a very sweet lady in your prayers...
mamssite.blogspot.com...Her mama is not feeling well and is in the hospital!! We may be miles away but we love her and will be keeping her in our prayers!! Not matter how far away our God can answer prayers anywhere!!
So remember:
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. You made me cry. Thank you for the prayer request for my mama. I love you! oxox

  2. Oh no....First Bradley with tonsils, and now Britani with wisdom teeth.... I know you will baby her and make her feel so much better!!!! You are a good Mama! (a busy one!!!) Hugs to you.

  3. Britani is gorgeous and she'll be gorgeous without wisdom teef:) Happy Birthday Ms. Peggy! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I love you sweet lady!

    I am praying for Joyce's Mama! She had visitors last week and I think although she enjoyed it, it wore her out!

    Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  4. Hi Cindy Sweetie...
    Oh Honey I am so thrilled that you came to my blog and visited and joined to follow. Darlin I have been praying for your Sweet Justin for the last year. I have been blogging with your sweet sister Theresa. I just love her. Until I read about you and saw that you were Justin's Moma I had no idea it was the same Justin I have been praying for. I am so thrilled to meet you.

    You have the finest Marine Son and I am so proud of him. My husband was a Marine so we think quite alot of that branch of the service. Now our son was an Army kid, and my Daddy and Uncle Air Force and Army, but we don't hold that against them.

    Oh your sweet Britani is just beautiful. She looks like you sweetie. I will be keeping her in my prayers on the 23rd of September that everything goes well. Bless her heart.

    I will go to mamssite and let her know I will be praying for her sweet Mama. I know about being in the hospital and it is NO fun at all.

    Well I had to email Theresa sweetie to get your blog address, when you left the message you left off the 1, so I couldn't find you blog. Otherwise I would have posted you back last night. I made it, and I am so thrilled to meet you. You are a jewel sweet friend.

    Have a gorgeous Wednesday tomorrow. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  5. oh Britani, I wanted to stop by yesterday and give her well wishes "wif her teef"....hope she did o.k.! Love Ya!!