Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just stopping in for a bit!!

I jsut wanted to stop by for a bit!!! Special prayers needed!!

One of the group in Justins unit ran over an IED the other day and thank God they are all ok...those things are so dangerous and I hate them!! They seem to me to be a cowardly way to hurt our guys...they don't want to face them face to face so they bury these things and when our guys ran over it...well it blew up the truck!!!

I can not imagine that phone ringing even to tell me that he is fine but...

I am thinking that Justin is VERY busy doing his job...have not heard from him in 16 days and well I just am not use to that!! We talk all the time and this is very hard for me...but I am coping with the situation and thankful for my family and friends that keep me calm!!! I have my moments just like most Military Moms do that has a child in the sand box!!!

Sent out more packages this week already and actually got the stuff to fix up another one!!!!


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  1. Oh those IEDs are awfully dangerous! I am happy that they are all ok! Hang in there Sis! One day at a time... and one month at a time AND before you know it we'll be standing there screaming as he comes marching in:)

    Love you!