Friday, August 26, 2011

oh so sneezy!!

Well at the beginning of the week, I began to feel not so good and well I bet I sneezed 10,000 times in one day!!! I felt like the sneezy smurf!!!

I seem to be better now and I am so glad!!!

Got packages mailed out to Justin this week and I will be making him monkey bread in a jar to send out monday!!

Hope all is well with all of you!

Remember...keep works!!!


  1. I am happy you feel better!!! Our Marine is gonna love getting this bunch of packages:). Love you Sis, enjoy your weekend!!!!!

  2. Your son is well loved. I was reading about a man who collects books for soldiers. He said we don't realize how much time they spend on watch and it can get boring. He got a letter from a soldier saying he read the same book 4 times! I feel so guilty cause I have so many books I would love to share with others. I think about how many soldiers do not have families to love and send them packages. I wish I were wealthy and I could do more for our military. They deserve the highest honor. They need our pray and I am going to step up my prayer. I am happy your beautiful son has such a kind and generous family. I hope you enjoy your week. Anne