Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Mama!!!!

At the age of 18 I had to say goodbye to my sweet precious mama...she was only 63 and well that is way to young to go and I was way to young to loose her...But God knows best and although we may never know why...HE DOES!!!

My Mama was my world...she was my best friend...I NEVER left her side!!! I NEVER spent the night away from her!!! I was with her up until the last breathe she took!!! I can never say how my heart feels because I miss her soooo much!!!

Happy Birthday Mama!!

I miss you each and every day...I know you and Daddy are watching over my Marine and will make sure he is brought back home to us safe!!!

I Love you Mama!!!

Keep Praying....IT WORKS!!!


  1. We were so lucky to have such a sweet Mama! She sure depended on you and you never let her down! I know that Mama and Daddy are keeping an eye on Justin for us!

    Thanks for helping with the cemetery:) I love you! SIS

  2. What a great daughter you were to her. She was wayyy too young to pass away. Love you both!

  3. IT is so hard not having parents anymore. But your mama was a beautiful lady. I know how much you loved her cause I have followed Ganky's blog for a while now. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom! She is enjoying heaven today. I know my folks are too. Blessings to you Anne