Sunday, June 13, 2010

I got my hair done...

As you look at this picture and try to figure out what my car has to do with my hair....WELL, just hold on! I have a story to tell you!!

You know as life goes on and we all do things that well, maybe we just need to keep it to ourselves. But, no me...I am gonna tell you!!
I went on Friday and got my hair done...I have lots of gray in my hair and I got it covered up! I got it with a lot of blonde in it!! And I love it!!! So we have had a good weekend so far and just been running around laughing and just talking about Justin coming home and all the events we will have once he is home! So we are having homecoming at church today and we have to do lots of cooking!! SO off to the grocery store we go!! We all shop and get everything that we have to have and get checked out and OH MY....Where are my keys!! Well not to worry I have on star!!!
So Jeff and Britani went out to see if they were in the car and low and behold they were!!!
But not only did I leave them in the car....I LEFT MY CAR RUNNING!!! Thankfully no-one stole it!! But we had to laugh!! I knew this deployment was getting to me and well between my blonde hair and the deployment....I HAVE OFFICIALLY GONE CRAZY!!

Well I hope that you all enjoyed that story and maybe I was able to bring a smile to your face with my crazy doings!!

Enjoy your day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. OH Cindy, I feel your pain ;D I ran into the garden center and left my trunk up & my car wide open yesterday afternoon & was completely sure that somebody was trying to steel it!!! I think that these boys of ours have turned our hair GRAY...mine is so short I can't color it but oh well...I hope we don't go completely mad before they get here ~ LOL!!!!!! Thaks for the laugh & it's nice to know that I'm not the only nutty-buddy in the bunch LOL~LYLAS!!!!

  2. OMG Sis, that is funny and not funny:) I am happy nobody grabbed your cute little ride! I would hate for you to NOT have a way to go see Justin when he comes home. I can just see you on a bike carrying all of you Welcome Home gear! AND I really don't think you should blame "leaving your car running" on Justin:)

    Love you bunches and see you on the Howell Pew!

  3. Oh Cindy Lou! I am getting hysterical reading about you and Lynda...I see what is coming!!!
    Let me pick myself up off the floor girl before I keep going!!!!!!! Okay, I'm under control from my laughing!!!! That is too funny. But I AM GLAD the car was still there.
    I am telling you REMAIN CALM!!!! Attention please all Marine Moms with returning heroes... Please buckle your seatbelt and remain in your seats until the flight has landed!!!!! woot. hang on...Homecoming Day is about here.... Hugs to you...Continuing to pray for the entire 1/6!

  4. Girl, you better be careful with those blonde moments. I'm telling you the more blonde you have in your hair the more ditzy you become. I think you're just beside yourself with excitement and have a million things on your mind. I, however, am convinced that I am getting senile.

  5. Loved that story! Shared it with my hubby! You crack me up! xoxo He'll be home before you know it... then we'll see if you're crazy or blonde or if it is him being gone!