Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lunch at Lou's!

We all went off to Social Circle for our Lunch at Lou's! It has been there since November of 08 but I had not been there so it was all new. It was just wonderful. Neat place and really good food!
We had lots of fun being with the Wilkins family! They are just the best people! We talked and laughed and then laughed some more!

The kids loved it just as much as
the adults did. I was the only one with children there! Bradley here enjoying himself a
milkshake after his meal! And then Britani with her friend Skylar just having a good time!

So then after we had lunch, Theresa and I decided to go across the street, where Doug Henry had just opened a Funeral home several months ago. We wanted to take a tour! We did not know he had just had surgery on his hip or we would not have gone!! But he allowed us to come on in and look around! It was beautiful!!! After chatting with him for a few minutes we went on our way so that he could get back to his rest!

Well we ended the day...It was great...Lots of laughing, fun stories and just a really great day!!
Today is very COLD!!! I am working today and then coming home to try to get stuff together for a yard sale!! Have a GREAT day and stay warm!!


  1. We can sure nuff have some fun and laugh we did! I have NEVER laughed as hard as I did on my way home! Yet another "duplicate" blog:) We just have so much in common! Love you! Sis

  2. You make me tired, cynthia!!
    Always so busy and so happy... you can definitely tell you've got some love in your heart, gal!
    Puts a smile on my face every time I read about your day.
    Love ya lot!