Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st Day of Preschool~Justins gone back~and giveaways!!!

Well today was the 1st day of preschool for Alex and Avery!! We have been talking it up and getting them all excited about going!!! And they were look at them up and ready when I got there this morning!! They knew lots of pictures would be made so they went ahead and got those smiles ready!!!

It also just happened to be the very same day that Justin had to go back and so he came and seen these babies before he headed out!!! And actually went to school with us!! They LOVE him so much!!! And well I think he LOVES them too!!!!

So off we went to school and Avery had a little bit of a hard time but soon got over it!! I sure hated to see Justin leave me and her being upset about staying at school! It did not make for a good morning but it got better!! Ms. Beth called Tracy to let her know that she was better and Tracy called me and eased the pain of thinking that she was there upset!! Now that was heartbreaking!! Alex said on the way to school that I was her other Grand-Mother that stayed with her every day!! I loved it!! She is growing up and trying to figure out really who I am in the family part and doesn't understand the whole Aunt thing!! Tracy and I named me the Gran-Aunt!!!! And I will take that name proudly!!! These girls are precious to me!!!
Well Justin is back and will be heading for VA on Friday and then who knows!!! The United States Marine Corps make the plans for him and we just have to take it as it comes to us!!! I am sure missing him...My house is way too quite!!!

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You all have a great day!!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Great pictures Sis! Love the first one with them on the stairs and of course the one with Justin is precious! Happy that Justin made it back safely and hope he enjoys the next few weeks learning something new:) Have a blessed day!

  2. Yeah, hopefully he won't be bored since he's going someplace new. You've adjusted so well and he'll be back home for good before you know it. And you'll be fighting the girls off left and right.

  3. I am so happy my kids have a Gran-Aunt! Not every little girl has one of those around all day! I certainly am thankful! I hope you have a wonderful day and you know Justin will be back before you know it! Your cooking is too good! :) Love you LOU!

  4. I wish you were my Gran-Aunt evey girl needs one of those!!!!!!! I know I say it everytime you put up a pic of those two faces, but here goes again...THEY ARE JUST TOOOOOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!! I'm glad they got to see Justin :). Hope you're doing o.k., I know what you mean about the house being quiet :) LYLAS!!!!!
    (((((((())))))))) <<<<------ a few hugs for you!