Thursday, September 24, 2009

Water going down and Its Party time!!

To some people it may not look like the flood water is going down....but Praise the Lord it is!!!!

It has gone down enough that Jerry, Britani and myself went in the house today and took a look around!!!
That's right we went in...This is Britani standing in the kitchen of the house and water is up past her ankles still!!! But you can see where the water got up to on the door!!! Not everything is not a total lost!!! We went through and looked in every room and then out we went!!

They are thinking that we may be able to get down the driveway today!!!

And now IT'S PARTY TIME!!!
It is my Rhonda's Birthday!!!!
I hope she has a wonderful day and we will be cooking out tonight at their house...and we always have soo much fun!!! I will be taking pictures!!!


Everyone have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. It was good to see what was going on inside the house. Stuff that was above that water-line is OK:) Hard work ahead... but we are HOWELLS and we are ready for the challenge:) Got my rubber boots, gloves and mask! Love you and Happy Birthday Rhonda, Tell her I love her too!

  2. Well, I sure am glad that the water is going down & hopefully they'll be able to get back in soon...I know they must be missing their home! I'm glad you're taking a break tonight for some fun :), have a great time & Happy Birthday to Rhonda, many many more! LYLAS!!

  3. Still looks so bad! :( Still praying! Have fun at the b-day dinner!