Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boot Camp for moms!!!

On Friday of last week Tracy offered to workout with me a couple of afternoons a week! Not for her cause she sure doesn't need to loose any weight!! But that is why she looks like she does!! So I agreed!! I think I was brain dead when I said "SURE"!! Well I was off on Monday and so Tuesday I stayed to do a 30 min workout with her....Lord have mercy!! I did ok could not keep up so good but I did some moving that normally I would not!!
She put me in Boot Camp!!And today is Thursday and I have places on my body still hurting from Tuesdays workout that I never thought would hurt!! I am suppose to stay again today and I have to keep telling my self...Nothing looks as good as thin feels!! I will be 40 in November and I really don't want to be fat and 40!!! So if working out a few days a week with Tracy pushing the entire time is what it takes, then that is what I will do!!!

BOOT CAMP for MOMS!!! (wish me luck!!)

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. That's great, I need somebody to come over here and make me work out!!!! IT's funny we spend all day every day taking care of everybody and at the end of the day we've managed to neglect a very important person US!!!! LYLAS!!!! Good Luck with your Body Bootcamp ~ maybe I'll try that too :)!!

  2. I am proud of you Baby Sister! You are doing great... diet and exercise too? Dang:) Love you, Sis

  3. Tracy just is working out with me!! And I am back on the 1200 cal diet!!

  4. You go, girl! Be careful though, Jason's having surgery on Wednesday from doing P90X and tearing his meniscus in his knee! Yikes. Sometimes no pain no gain is not correct :0(
    Love ya lots and have a great Thursday!

  5. You can doooo it! I believe in you and the power of Tracy! ;D Plus I'll be praying for you... I know how bad you want this!