Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last Party before school starts!!

A great big shout out to the host of our last party before school starts!!!
She is my niece and she really know how to through down on a party!!
I think that everyone had a blast and buddy there was a crowd of folks there!!!

My Marine doin a jump on the diving board!! He was chatting with us at home last night and he said that he really enjoyed his day a Kelly Kelly's!!

Autumn and Britani checking out the crowd!!

Bradley just enjoying the fun!! He had so much fun with all his cousins!!

And lord have mercy isn't this one precious child!! Just look at that face!! She said
"Cinnie you are my best friend!!!"
Now who wouldn't want their best friend to be Avery!!

Came home and relaxed on the sofa for a little while! (nap)
Then I got dinner cooked and kitchen all cleaned up cause I knew that my show was coming on!!

Yep, that's right! I am a big brother fan! I have a had a little bit of a hard time getting into it this time but I think that i am finally hooked!!!
Well today is my last day of work for the week!! Lots to do!!
You all enjoy your day!!
And remember...Enjoy each day as if it was your last...LOVE, LAUGH AND LIVE!!!


  1. Great pictures of a fun day! Love you, Sis

  2. You had some great pictures, too!! I knew I could count on you and Mom to fill me in on the day! Love you and have a great day!!

  3. It meant the world to me to have Justin come. I was afraid he might have something else to do. I enjoyed all of you so, so much. I wish we could do something like that once a week. I really don't think I'd get tired of it.

    Love ya! And, yes, Avery makes the cutest best friend ever!

  4. great pics... great fun for you all. I'm a big brother fan too!

  5. I wish I knew a girlnamedkellykelly ~ she seems like such a doll!!! you are luck to have her. Cindy, I am so glad that Justins time home has been so great!

    Oh and yes who wouldn't want to be Averys BFF!!! She's so cute!