Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday and Sunday all on Monday!!

Well this is the one I have spent the last few days with!! Isn't he just precious?? Well I think so!! He enjoyed our visit so much!!! I love to watch him have fun!!!And this is how he make his parents....HAPPY!!! Jeff and I are the happiest when our family is together!!!! It doesn't happen very often but when it does your can get those smiles off our faces!!!
Family Day was not very exciting except that I found out there is NO date for deployment yet!! I got to meet several other Marines but nothing really to brag about!! Not even the food...BBQ is hard to make and it be good!!! But nevertheless....We had fun!!! These are some trucks that they ride into the field in!! They are BIG TRUCKS!!!!
And here are the children!! They are all so happy to be together!!

And so once family day was to the beach we went!!! Got us a room and down to the beach, and that is where we spent the rest of the day Friday and all day on Saturday!! You know me...I LOVE THE BEACH!! Here is a picture of all the kids and Jeff (a big kid himself) enjoying the ocean!! The waves were just great!!! We loved it!!

And when a Marine gets a chance, they get some R&R!!! And he enjoyed every moment of it!!!

But now I am back home and getting things back to normal! I enjoyed my weekend but I really did enjoy coming home this time!!! If all goes well Justin will get to come home Friday for his 16 days of Pre-Deployment leave!!! I can't wait...16 days of will you all ever stand it!!! You all have a great Monday and I think we are doing lunch for my Aunt Foo Foo Birthday today so another excited blog to come!!!

All 3 of My Children!!!
Bradley, Justin and Britani
(look how happy they are!!!)


  1. Welcome Home Sis! There is something I sure miss in the mornings... my coffee with your blog! It is like a morning chat:) Anyway, glad you are back and perhaps they will misplace the deployment papers for Justin:)Hey, I believe in miracles. We'll be in Savannah Friday, Saturday and back on Sunday! But he will be home for a long time, thankfully! Love you and have a blessed day!

  2. Yes, you can just see the happiness in all of your faces. I love it.

    Glad he's home and I agree with Auntie T, maybe they'll lose his papers!

    Love ya!