Friday, July 10, 2009

another vacation?

No, not really just a little mini vacation!! I am in Jacksonville, North Carolina! I am here to have family day with my son!!! And then after that we are going to head to Myrtle Beach for the rest of the weekend!!! I am so glad once again I get to spend the entire weekend with my Marine!!! Sorry no pictures today...But I can promise there will be some tomorrow!!! You all have a great day!!!


  1. Be careful, have fun and tell him I wish I was there too:( Let me know if he finds out anything about his deployment. Love you all!

  2. Tell him we love him! You will have to call me and let me know about the day! Love you and have a wonderful "Family Day"! You all deserve it.

  3. Glad you're there. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Enjoy spending time with you handsome Marine!
    I'm leaving for vacay tomorrow, but hopefully I can still read blogs and leave comments or there will be some serious withdrawals going on!
    Love ya!