Friday, July 17, 2009

Pulled Over Already!!!!

Bradley and Britani got there Drivers License July 30th!! I was so proud of them, they get to take over driving my Pops car. It is a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix!!! But the problem is that the twins are not very tall and do not look their age AT ALL!!!!
Ok so this is the deal. Bradley drives the car to work everyday and after work he wanted to go to the mall to meet a couple of his FBLA friends! And well he called when he left home and when he got there and then again when he left the mall!! So on the way home he heard sirens and pulled over to allow them to go around. He knew he wasn't doing anything and just thought that there was an emergency somewhere!!!
They were pulling him over!!! Why? If he wasn't doing anything wrong you say! Well it was because as I said the twins are not very tall children and so someone decided to call in to the 911 center and tell them that a small child was driving on Salem Rd. in Covington and so that is why he was pulled over!!!! He was so nervous!!!!!!I felt bad for him!! The officer was really nice and explained it all to him and they run his license and checked insurance and then allowed him to leave!!! Poor fella called and said well it had finally happened. We had been warned that this may happen and today was the day!!! Other than him being so scared it all ended up being pretty funny!!!
Alex seemed so good today!!! Thank you all for your prayers and concerns and the uplifting comments!!!! I hope that you all have a fantastic Friday!!!
Justin comes home today for 16 days!!!


  1. Bless his little heart! He is taller now but Pop's car sits low anyway. I know he is a safe driver and a hard worker too:) Glad today is Justin's coming home day! You may need to wear roller skates to keep up with him! Love you all!

  2. I told Britani and Autumn about Bradley and we all had a good laugh! I need to pull out the picture I took of him driving in a booster seat! That was so funny! Anyway, glad that was all it was and he got the first one over with without having done anything wrong! Have a great day with my Angels!

  3. Well, I just think that's ridiculous. Maybe he should use some sort of cushion since the seat sits so low. Tell him to drive with a tank top on. If someone sees his biceps, they'll know he's not a little kid.