Monday, July 27, 2009

Special Sunday...

Today everyone chose to honor My Marine!! He is a little over one year into his term and can not wait until he can get out and come home! All of the church just love Justin and they are all praying for him everyday!! They sang special songs that are Justins favorite and Alot of my family was there to see all of the Love that the church has for him and the entire family!!

We got a few updated pictures while we had him in his blues!! And I tell you what he sure did do some complaining!!

Ganky got her a picture with him and with she put his cover on isn't she cute!!!They had a special cake made with his picture on it!!
This is my whole family and our Pastor Tommy Dunn!!

What a wonderful day!!! I can't wait to spend this week with Justin! I sure hate to know that this time with him is coming to an end! Only just a few more days!!! But we are sure making the most of these last few days! I have to work Today, Tomorrow and then Wednesday we are going to Six Flags and then Thursday and Friday I am off to do just what ever Justin wants to do!!! You all have a great day !!!!


  1. Love that Marine! It was a great service and he is soooo handsome in that doggone uniform that he hates to wear! I am glad he got to go to his favorite place for lunch, he surely knows he is loved. He can take us all with him in his heart wherever he goes:) Love you and see you shortly to pick up our Sister!

  2. That's a special cake, special guy, and special day. He will never forget it. I love your family. It makes me cry how much love there is. Have a great week with Justin! Will be thinking of you all and praying. Don't think about the end of the week. Live in the now.

  3. Great post, great pictures. Hope to see y'all at Kelly's pool tomorrow :0)
    Love ya bunches!

  4. The cake was a very nice gesture! The family pic with Tommy was great!! Blow that one up and frame it! It will be a busy week! Love you and have a great day!!