Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swim suit models!!!

I can remember as a little girl, Tracy and I putting on our swim suits and we would put on a show outside at my house!! We had this little block wall that we would walk on and I tell you what, we really did strut our stuff!! So when the girls got new swim suits this past weekend they wanted me to make pictures of them and I had left my camera at home! But I made sure that I brought it with me to make their pictures!!! They love to get their pictures made and especially when they know that they are going on the blog!!!!
Here is Alex...she got her a bikini!!! She loves it!!!

Here is Avery...she stayed with a one piece!!
(my kind of gal!)

and now with some of Autumn's shades on!

Aren't they just precious!!

And so now they did their modeling show for me, I fixed them an Ice Cream Cone!!!

What a great day we had! They dressed up but mostly stayed in their swim suits!! I hope that everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and I am truly enjoying having my son home!! He is such a joy, but good lord can he eat!!! I have cooked more in the past two days than I have in 6 months!!!


  1. Those girls could be the star of the blog everyday:) They are just too cute! Hey, where's my ice cream? Love you and let me hear how Brenda Faye is doing this morning!

  2. Cynthia, those were the best pictures yet of the little girls. Look at Avery's toes in her model picture. Precious!

  3. OMG, I truly did LOL at those pictures! The innocence of little children makes me want to cry. Glad Justin's home and love ya lots :0)

  4. I loved those pictures too! Had a busy day yesterday, but still wanted to come tell you how cute the pics were! Love you!!!!!!!