Monday, June 20, 2011

Heavy Heart!!

This young man sure knows how to pull at my heart and it sure does hurt sometimes!!

I know we have made it through one deployment and now we are facing another one and the time for him to leave is quickly approaching and well it makes my heart so heavy!! I worry so much...he joined the infantry and so that right there puts him on the front line!! I can't stand the thoughts of him going back to that big sand box!! I woke myself up the other night crying and had dreamed about him!! I know that prayers work and I will be doing lots of it in the months to come!! I just sure hate to see him leave!!!!

I have not got to spend a lot of time with him this time and he gets a short pre-d leave and well I wish I could just keep him here but the USMC is bigger than me and he has to go!!! I just pray for his safety and for me not to go insane!! I think that my tears are stuck in overflow and that is all I have been doing...CRYING!!!

I will get to see and talk to him for a few weeks to come and then after that I will be depending on those darn satellite phones!!! I need bounty to soak up all these tears!!!

You all have a good day and please please pray for our troops and that they all return safe!!!


  1. You make me cry! I know how much you love him and I am praying for God to send a special angel to always protect him. And I am praying for Him to give you the strength that passes all understanding to get you through this. Good news is... they only go twice, right? I love you and you are all on my heart and mind! xoxo

  2. Maam, Yes Maam! Praying and Identifying with you 100%. My Justin knows some guys in the 1/6 (as we were talking about them getting ready to take off again)...I keep hoping he and your Justin might somehow meet each other....Billy too. God causes paths to cross any many ways...

    Justin just got back from his first training exercise since returning from Libya.. He texted me Saturday and said he had his first shower in 6 days, and was covered with poison ivy, chiggers, and mosquito bites, and on Allegra...but he'd "be allright"...sigh...they go through a lot more "suffering" even in small scale than people know about...don't they Mama??? Some of the new recruits almost fell out because of the long hours of "dig-ins" they had to do the last two days in temps hovering around 101 out in the full sun...Bless their hearts...Guess that is why they are training, so when they get over there...they will know what it is like..

    Hugs to you and know I AM PRAYING...God is holding your Justin in His palm same as He was the day He was born. Justin is precious cargo...because he is God's child....He will never EVER be without God wherever his boots take him. Remember God's eye is on him, when yours can NOT be. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Stay Strong Marine Mama...Keep that chin up! Makes it easier for them to go do what they are ready and willing to go DO! From a Marine Sis who KNOWS what you are going through...HUGE HUG!

  3. Oh dear Sister, I hate to see him go too BUT let's enjoy him while we can and we'll deal with the GONE part when he leaves! It will be the last sandbox trip for him and he'll be out before you know it! Just look at how long he has been in and we have all made it thru! Love you bunches, I'll be praying and that you can count on!

  4. What a sweet post. I bet nothing I could say would make you feel better. It's just too hard. But I will pray for Justin and you too. Love you, and lean on your many friends and family. They will help strengthen you and maybe even give you some extra Bounty.

  5. Oh Cindy...I have been reading and re-reading your post & crying right along with tears don't stop as of late!

    I am always always here for you...I am still trying to get a little time to get down there it's been so crazy here I just don' tknow but if I can you'll be the first one I call!!!

    I love you so much my sweet friend!