Sunday, May 3, 2009


This Saturday was so different than most Saturdays!!! I had the day all alone,yes that is what I said I was all ALONE!!! Jeff went to help Kerry build some barn doors and the twins were with friends and doublegranny was gone to see her grand-daughter get ready and go to the prom. So I had the day to just do my very own thing! Boring, but I got alot accomplished! I started out at the WW meeting finding out that I lost another 3.4 lbs for a total of 7.4 in 2 weeks!!! So excited about that!!!! Then I went to :
And got a few things that we need around the house and was thinking about how bad my house really needed a good deep cleaning! So i was gathering up some really good cleaning materials and I had remembered about this:Love that stuff!!!! So I got me a bottle and continued with my shopping. Once I had toured the entire store about three times I decided I was done. I went to the office and cleaned it, and then off to my house to get my own thing done! So I got home and gathered up this:
and busy I got! I got my house cleaned all my laundry done and it smells so fresh and clean! I love a clean house.

Finished my day with dinner with Kerry and Rhonda, and got to come back home to my clean house for a good nights sleep!!! I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!!!


  1. Love Target! I have been at home so much lately with all the work going on... they probably have a missing shopper sign posted on the bulletin board:) Love your house, looks great without the trees! Love you!

  2. Girl, please. There are few things I love in this world more than a clean house.