Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Put a SMILE on their face!!

Well...I know that it's not always good to give and kid everything that they ask you for...but on Friday Alex and Avery could talk about nothing but having real earrings!! And so because they are still so young they do not have their ears peirced so I went on a search for some clip-ons!!! And I was able to find these red ones for Alex and she loved them!! Red is her favorite color!!!

And then I found the coral colored ones for Avery, they are flowers and she loved them! I don't think she took them off but once the entire time I was with them!! She was so darn cute with them on and they were just about as big as her little ears!!

Oh and the other day I had these candies around my house and I wanted them to get gone so I took them to the girls and well I had to go and get them more! Alex kept asking for the oval candies with gold paper! If you have not tried these well they are SOOO GOOOD!! I can only have one and then the entire bag must go away...or I would eat them all!!! So I bought the girls some over the weekend and they loved it!!

So both of the girls had a great big smile on their face today and it was worth every penny I spent on them!!! I love knowing that they are happy and enjoying their childhood!! I hope that you all have a wonderful day and lets all try to smile today!!!


  1. Well now they are just too cute:) And I have not tried the Werthers doo-hickies nor will I buy them... but they look
    DE-licious! Love you!

  2. Ohh the candies are really good! One a day for me too! My little girls are so lucky to have you all the time! I have always treasured all the moments I had with MawMaw and I think that is probably how they will remember their time with you! Thanks for being so good to them...and me!! Love you and have a wonderful day.