Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rain or Shine!!

You know it doesn't matter if the sun is shining bright or if it is raining cats and dogs...If you want to swim then you swim...RAIN or SHINE!!!!

This is Britani sitting by the water fall that runs into the pool!
And Skylar just had her 9th Brithday yesterday!! This is her and her friend sitting on the waterfalls!Here is my Best Friend Rhonda chillin in the Hot Tub!!!
And these three never got out of the water except to eat...Bradley, Robert, and Matt(his pool!) And here is my dear husband that just jumped in the pool and decided to ride the WALRUS with a little help from Bradley!

Well this here is Kerry Murphy!(Rhondas husband)
He jumped in with the walrus but his landing was not so good!!!

We really had a wonderful time!! We cooked out hotdogs and just kept it simple with chip and cookies and never had a complaint!!! Now today we are off to church then to Shady Dale to cook out with Nana and Pop(Rhondas parents)!!! Fun day of Fishing, four wheeling and lots of laugh and of course with me around LOTS of pictures!!

I did get a chance to hear from Justin late last night and he was good and in California!!! His first ride on the plane he said was fun!! I thank you all for your prayers and Tracychele...You just don't know what you mean to me! Thank you for listening to me cry all those tears yesterday morning!!! And I am sure that there are more to come with all the things that we have lying ahead of us!!!

I hope that each of you have a wonder day!!


  1. Looks like you had a load of fun and never left Covington, unlike your Sister who is still as white as when she left:( Love you!

  2. Sounds like you guys had fun in spite of the weather!! You know I am here for you when you have a good joke and when you need to cry! I love you and am glad you heard from him. See you tomorrow, monday.. you will be here, right?? ;)