Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let the sunshine in....

What....Is that the SUN I see!!!
Yes mam it was...ALL day long the sun was shining!!!
I loved it!!

We got the house work to a stopping point and took a minute for the girls to go out and enjoy the sunshine!! They rode their scooter and tricycle and then we took a walk!! These two babies love being outside!!! But it was a little warm so they got eat a popsicle's to get cooled off! I Love summer-time!!
Britani enjoyed her first day out of school with the girls!!! And they enjoyed having her! What a fun day we had!! I am looking forward to many more this summer!!! I hope you all get enjoy the sunshine and have a SPECTACULAR SATURDAY!!!!


  1. Cute pictures and it was a beautiful day! Looks like it is going to be another one:) Love you!

  2. Yes, sunshine makes my heart happy, too!
    Cutey pictures. Can't believe your twins are turning 16. I remember being at the hospital when they were born!
    Such sweet kids they are.
    Love ya lots!