Friday, May 15, 2009

Just a little something....

Well after my post on yesterday and all the wonderful comments from you all...I decided to have a drawing for all of you that left me a comment about being THANKFUL!!
I have never done a drawing before so this was all new for me! I am so glad that I got such a wonder response from my Thankful blog!!! So, one of you will get a little something extra for taking time to read and leave a comment!!! So I had 5 comments and as you can count in the bowl there are 5 pieces of paper with each of your names!!!!!

AND THE WINNER IS.............

The picture turned out a little blurry but it is....SUZANNE!!!!!!


Keep on!!!! You never know when another drawing will take place!!

Suz, I will get your gift in the mail A.S.A.P !!!


  1. I am glad Suzanne won! She is a faithful reader! Come aboard the blog train, Suz! We would love to hear about your interesting day! And, hey... bring some cake balls! Congratulations on your win! Love you all!

  2. Yeah, Suz, come aboard! I'm thankful you did a drawing, Cindy. Thanks for the giveaway, Cynthia! Happy Friday!

  3. Well, POO! I usually read blogs from my blackberry and it is not easy to comment! Hey let's make some cake balls with our Giant Cupcake one day!! Wouldn't the Giant Cupcake be a cute "blog pic"??!! Love you and have a wonderful day....hello, you will be with my children!!! :)

  4. YAY! I love to win contests! I say I never win, then the other day at school I won a $25 gift cert to a fancy Buford restaurant.
    Maybe I'm getting luckier. Thanks, Cynthia, you're a really cool dancer :0)