Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cleaning house, grocery shopping and a Fiesta...

Well Wednesday was just full of all kinds of things to do! But first of all I had to get some cleaning done and this is one of my most favorite cleaning products!!! I love the way it leaves your house smelling!
And this next product is not one of favorites but it is Derek's and so I use it...gotta keep the boss happy!!!
Now it was off to have some fun with the babies! Avery only goes to school on Mon. Wed. and Fri. so she was have her Cinco de Mayo Party today!!!

Avery really did not care a whole lot about it...she was real clingy to me! She Did put her hat on and let me take some pictures of her!

And then I even got a picture of her with her classmates!! It was so much fun!! They had Tacos, Chips and Salsa and some mexican desserts!!! Then they all got to get candy out of a pinata!!!

We got finished with the fiesta and off we went to gather up Alex and then you all should know what came after that...

that's right!!!! We went grocery shopping!!! Wow what a day!!! Hope your all enjoy your Thursday!!!


  1. You have the best job ever! I can't imagine if I had worked in that kind of job for all those years:) Tracy is lucky to have such a loyal employee who happens to also be her best friend/Aunt! It seems more like you two are Sisters and I'm "thamomma".
    Love you!

  2. Cindy has her way to make everyone happy!!!!!