Friday, May 29, 2009


My Babies are now out of school!!! They will be JUNIORS !!!!! They are turning 16 next week...Lord have mercy!!! I just can't believe that my little babies are this grown up!!! Bradley who weighed 7 pounds at birth and Britani who weighed 5 pounds are now so tall and grown up!!! They are so excited for school to be out!!! I am looking forward to another interesting summer!!! And just a text from Justin yesterday! I sure miss getting to hear from him all the time!! He had me spoiled by calling me so much!! I hope to hear from him today!! I hope that you all have a Fantastic Friday!!!


  1. I was thinking about them this morning and how they have grown up so much seems like in the last year! They are both such good kids and you have done an excellent job! Love you all!

  2. What a great picture of the twins! I also cannot believe they will be 16 next week!! Be thankful you heard from Justin. He loves you and will get in touch with you every chance he gets. You know that. He is the one who rushes home to his Family and Church every chance he gets, remember? Love you and have a wonderful Friday!!