Saturday, May 23, 2009

Never been so far away!!!

Well by the time I get through all of this you all may be sick and tired of hearing about it!! I am one of those Mama's that likes for my kids to stay close to home!! I always wanted them to grow up and come home on Sunday for dinner!! ( like my Brother Marshall and his family!!) So then my Oldes son went and Joined the Marine Corp!!
I am so proud of him!!!
He has never been very far away from me. But in the past year he has been to Parris Island, Jacksonville North Carolina-Camp Lejeune and Camp Geiger, A.P Hill, and now he is off to 29 Palms California!!! He has never been that far away from me!!! I can't just get in my car and go to him if he needs me...well I could but it would take a while!!! So I just keep remembering the smile he puts on my face and stay on my knees praying that god will hold him in the palm of his hand and keep him safe from all harm!! God can be there when I can't!!!
Okay...He just called and he is on the bus to go to Cherry Point to get on one of these!!! He has never done that before!! I like keeping all our wheels on the ground! He will enjoy it I am sure!!!

And then later today he will end up here!!
I asked him if they needed any chaperons and he just laughed at me!! I was NOT kidding!! You all just keep him in your prayers as I know you will!!! I hope that you all have a Spectacular Saturday!!!


  1. I am sorry you are having a tough day. I happen to know how tough your day is since I just talked to you :( I love you and I know Justin is not only tough, but also already in the palm of God's hand and under the careful watch of PA PA!! He will be ok. You know that. He made it through boot camp, remember??? You read all they went through. Remember that and know how tough he is!! Hope your day gets better! I love you so very much!!

  2. I am praying real hard for Justin to be safe! God is listening, I can tell:) Love you and we'll all make it by leaning on each other!!!!!