Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday with Munson!

As most everyone know I keep these two precious little girls and they are just so very special to me! We sing songs and talk about the day and so on and so forth!!! And today they both had school and then after school I was busy doing my thing around the house and notice that one of the two dogs was not acting right!Yes...that's right I can even tell when the dog is sick!!! Munson was just not acting right! Now I am not a real animal lover but I can tell you one thing I could really tell that he was not feeling so good! So off the the Vet. we went! Poor thing...He had a fever and had to be put on an antibiotic! So instead of just spending the Monday with the girls I got to spend half of my Monday with Munson! He is much bigger than my own dog so he was a little more difficult to handle and every time I touch him he acted like it hurt...He sure got to my soft spot today!!!Never a dull life in the world of a Mom of 1 marine and twins!! I would not have it any other way!! Gotta just love life as it comes to you! I hope that you all have a terrific Tuesday!!


  1. You are truly God's gift to the Parrishes! Thanks for all you do:) Love you!

  2. Girl, that aint my dog!! Just playing, but my dog is cuter! Thanks for everything yesterday. I know he will be better soon! Love you.